Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Putting the Farm Back In The Girl

 Don't you just love old vintage buckets and pails!?
The rust and dents and scratches just get me giddy
when I see them. I scarf them up every chance I get!
They remind me of when I was little going out to the
farm where my father grew up...always lots of buckets!
They had a apple orchard, pear orchard, and a big garden!
Needless to say, I learned very young what to do with
a bucket! The memories of growing up just flooded
my mind while I transformed the ones below.
Good Times!
There are just endless ways of transforming these old
vintage pails and buckets. I kinda favor burlap, lace,
lace rolled roses, and of course a bit of bling!
I also like to paint numbers on them just to display.
For a beach decor theme, paint them white, or aqua
yellow, green, or pink, and fill them with shells,
or pretty summer flowers. You can decoupage them,
or paint a picture on them. Tons of possibilities!
And, there are so many things you can use them for!
They are a perfect addition to farm house decor....
even in the bathroom for rolled up towels, or bath
accessories. The kitchen for your utensils.
Sweet additions to country weddings to display flowers.
For a countryside picnic they are great for chilling
a bottle of wine on ice. Picking apples, displaying
small pumpkins, as a stand for a small Christmas
tree, fill with pine cones, or even use for your nut
holder for the holidays. And they are a great addition
to use in a vignette for photo shoots just to name a few.
I countryfied these two buckets, actually coal buckets for
a friend of mine who had a shop and they weren't selling.
Neither were her vintage galvanized pails. I suggested doing
something fun with them to deck them up.
This first one I did a white wash with paint then sanded it
lightly. I got out my burlap, white paint, some lace, a vintage
lace tablecloth that had some damage, and some vintage
rhinestone jewelry. I painted a square of white on the burlap,
and then hand painted "Farm Girl" in black over the white
painted area. (I was thinking country girl with this one.)
After the paint dried, I Mod Podged it to the bucket and
added two stripes of cream colored lace at the top and
bottom of the painted area to kinda frame it a bit, also with
the Mod Podge. Then I cut long wide strips of the vintage
 lace tablecloth, and rolled it into roses...with my glue gun
I glued a bit of bling in the flowers center. Three were
grouped on the front and glued on with my glue gun also,
with a clipping of the fancy lace I tied at the handle that had
like a stem and leaves. I set a potted miniature rose bush in it
and it was done!

I thought she was pretty sweet!
I was a little bit farm girl growing up,
and do I ever miss my grandparents place now.

All you need to play and create is some pails or
buckets just like these! Just get your thinking cap
on! I love my buckets. Boy that one needs a bit of
scrubbing on the bottom half. Moisture rust!

I used all the same items on this next one. This time I
wrapped a wide piece of burlap all the way around it,
and secured it by using my Mod Podge. In the center of
the front I rolled the top down a bit and gathered it up in the
center. Then I took my fancy wide lace and wrapped it all
around the bucket also. I secured it with my glue gun in the
center front. I rolled another vintage lace tablecloth rose, added
some bling in its center. I cut another piece of burlap and pinched
it together in the center, attached with the glue gun, and then
glued the rose on over the top of it. I cut one more long some
what wide piece of the lace tablecloth and wrapped it all
around the handle. There was a bit left hanging so I just
clipped it into streamers. I added a second rolled lace rose
with bling where the handle connected to the bucket. I took
two very narrow strips of the lace tablecloth and wrapped it
around the lip of the top of the bucket and above the bottom
seam on the bottom of the bucket. And then it was just right!
(see the photo above for the just right finish!)

I delivered them back to my friend and guess what? They
sold right away! Sometimes you just have to take something
and make them look happy, then they'll catch some body's eye!
I never did get anything for using my stuff or for my time
which really wasn't a big deal, but that was what she had told
me she would do to help them sell. I get burned like that
a lot. Oh well....I had fun creating them and somebody loved
them enough to take them home and enjoy.
I got some holiday plans for a couple of my buckets up above!
It's so much fun taking something old and drab, and giving
it a new life and use isn't it! Even if this isn't your taste,
I bet you could think of some cool ways to upcycle some
old tired buckets or pails too!
Thank you for the visit today! I always enjoy the company
and it's so fun to share!
TaTa Till Later!
Have a blessed day!


  1. well this may be a repeat i think i hit a wrong button old eyes and old fingers..... i think these are fabulous i love love them... and i am so sorry she took advantage of you it is on her now xx

  2. Hi there girl! Thank you! You got the right did good! So nice to see you again! After a couple of burns from won't happen again. Hugs sweetie!


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