Thursday, June 27, 2013

Glam It Up! .... Vintage Bottles With Sparkle!

Oh Where Oh Where Have I Been?
Hello my sweet friends!
Well I have been super busy!
I have three of my grandchildren
four days out of the week for summer..
and they truly keep me hopping!
We have been swimming daily...
visiting play parks....
going on nature hikes...
taking pictures....
and of course, visiting the
ice cream shop! Yum Yum!
On my day off from the babes,
I visited a local antique shop.
I couldn't resist a good buy on
some vintage bottles which I love!
Today I played...
I love sparkly and that was just
what these bottles needed!
Super great for decorations

This turquoise rhinestone brooch was
perfect for this brown bottle
don't ya think so too?
Love turquoise and brown together!

This little beauty is a
stretchy ring I never wear...
the green and beige stones
looked great, I thought against
the brown vintage bottle.
Spied this vase that my Mother's
Day flowers came in this year and
thought it needed some sparkle too!
Have several more I'm playing
with, but run out of play time
for out to dinner
we must go!
A little sneak peek of whats
coming next! A lovely friend
will be visiting with some of
her beautiful artful designs!
Stay tuned for some cool stuff!
Thanks for visiting! It's always
so nice to have you here!
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Look A New Magazine .... Inspiration Vintage Magazine and Giveaway

There's a New Magazine in Town!!
We all love our here is another to
add to our list of "just got to have", right!?
I know I love mine!
This gorgeous "Premiere Issue" is now available!
You can get a digital copy or print copy!
Visit here for your copy!
and the rules to enter the giveaway!
Good luck and enjoy!
I can't wait to see it!
Looks to be an awsome one!
TaTa Till Later!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Fabulous Lula Blu....My Very First Commissioned Photo Shoot

Yes that's right!! My first commissioned photo shoot!
I was absolutely shocked when I received an
email a couple of weeks back, asking if I would
come and do a photo shoot for a boutique located
in Melbourne, Fl. It was totally unexpected,
but I was thrilled and humbled to be asked.
 Lula Blu is a unique upscale boutique
that features a modern combination of
New York, Miami, and European fashion styles.
You'll find elegance and sophistication with a
selection of diverse brands for customers of all ages.
They offer reasonably priced clothing, jewelry, and
accessories along with some higher end clothing lines.

From casual everyday wear, to that special dress for
romantic evenings out on the town..................
Lula Blu is the boutique for you!
As soon as you enter Lula Blu''ll discover
the beauty inside with its
Shabby Chic and European decor styles,
just loaded with lots of eye candy and treasures
you'll find to hard to resist!

A totally delightful shopping experiance that will
leave you with wanting to go back again and again.
And....In support and promotion of  the areas local
artists, Lula Blu also carries various assortments of
their unique handmade/crafted items too.
Look at all this prettiness beckoning us inside!
These gorgeous dresses in the front window
caught my eye right off as I entered the store!!
I was dying to check them out!
So many pretty things in this window!!
I can't wait to take you inside!!

So....are you ready to take a peek inside!?
Well then, lets go on in!!!

First let me introduce you to the owner of Lula Blu....
Ondrea Jenkins Dana, (left) and........
her right hand gal, store manager Roxi. (right)
Both very sweet and such fun to work with.
You must pay them a visit...they would love to see ya!
Now let's go shopping!


I saw this beautiful chandelier to my right
upon entering the store! Loved the whole display!
Totally loved the chandelier!

It's stunning! And the patina is to die for!

I love turtles so that turtle ring really stood out to me.
They had matching braclets and necklaces too!
Perfect peices for East coast living!


I even loved the table! There are several lovely pieces
of furniture in this shop....I would take it all!
I fell in love with all the gorgeous jewelry too!
So many beautiful pieces...........So much to see!
Loved how this was displayed!
Good thing my sweetie wasn't with me....
He would have told them to wrap this baby up!
HA! (he keeps forgetting how old I'm getting!)

This gorgeous mirror stopped me in my tracks!
And then I couldn't get my eyes off that chandelier!
I was totally taken by this gorgeous piece...just look at it!!!
and then as I was looking up, I spotted this beauty!

These were my two absolute favorites! Several more
will be seen through out the post. Some really unique
and beautiful chandeliers and for now....just for show.
I loved loved this chair!



I fell in love with all the mercury glass bottles....I want them!



More lovely chandeliers!



The clothing they offer is just beautiful!
And....there was so much more!
Ondrea calls this her "Mermaid Mannequin." Her favorite piece!



Loving this pillow!  I think I love everything in this store!!!

Lots of pretty handbags!

Loved the right....bottom left.
If you love unique will love Lula Blu's!!!
Honestly.....I didn't take photos of every piece either!  :)

This lamp was just stunning!
And the shabby chic furniture displays!......Gorgeous!
Just couldn't resist a few more shots of chandeliers!
Well.....that's it! It's time to say goodbye!
There was really so much more to see but I needed to leave
you with some mystery of what more there is to explore....
even though you must think I took shots of everything there!
But I didn't! It was very hard not to though.....I was having
a blast and wanted to keep on taking pictures! Everything I
looked at just kept screaming....picture, picture, picture!
I learned so much doing this photo shoot and was totally
honored to be asked to do this for Lula Blu.
Thank you so much Ondrea for the opportunity!
Your boutique is just amazing and everything is wonderful!
Thank you to Christine E Tibolla with

 for sharing my work and I with Ondrea...
you're both the reason I got this job!
Luv you girls! XOXO
Oh! The Vintage Soul Store is just down
a couple of doors from Lula Blu too!
You must visit Debbie too!
You'll have an overload of fun shopping between the two!
I have to thank one more sweet friend....
Ms. Andrea Hartman....
she talked me through my nerves!
Hugs and love to you lady! XOXO
If you are ever in Melbourne, Florida, or are in the
be sure to visit Lula Blu's!
It's pretty awsome!
They are located at....826 East New Haven Ave.,
Melbourne, FL. Phone....(321) 722-2223.
Store hours are: Mon. - Sat. 10A-5P
Shipping is now available too!
Keep up to date on all the news and new arrivals by
following them here on Facebook!
They also have a website here:.... Lula Blu
Well I hope you enjoyed the visit and all the pretties!
I had alot of fun bringing Lula Blu to you!
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
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