Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Face of Christmas ~ It's Called "The Gift of Family"

With Christ being the number ONE Reason for the Season......
Christmas is Family to me.....and THESE are my GREATEST GIFTS OF ALL!!!!
THESE are the FACES that give me so much JOY & that I LOVE so Much!
All I EVER want for Christmas is THEM! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them!

I'm so blessed to have this guy in my life.....he's my soul-mate!

Ms. Heidi is my first born.....Don't know what I would do without her! Love her gobs!

These two here announced they are getting MARRIED this next summer!!!!
Fabulous NEWS!!! We are so excited for them! We really like Charlie!
A little bit of some bummer news came with it though...
They will be moving to Germany for a couple of years as Charlie is in the military!
Well, at least it's not permanent!!!....but we will miss them.
Hmmm....maybe there is a trip to Germany in this lol! That was one place Jack and I
was planning on going to besides a Mediterranean Cruise for our honeymoon! We had to cancel
that because of his stroke. But one of these days we will do it!!
A big Congrats to you two! We are really happy for you both!

Chase is my daughter Heidi's oldest child, and my first born grandchild. Love him to pieces!

We welcome all friends in this house! :)

And these guys are something else altogether lol!
The three littler ones give a whole new meaning to wild and crazy!
The sweetest little soul.....this is grandma's bookworm and sport freak!!
He's gonna be somebody big one day!

Just a sweetheart when he isn't breaking everything in sight lol!

Emma....All girly girl with a pinch of tom-boy!

 Jack with Niki as Charlie and Niki were leaving to go back to Colorado.

There are three little faces missing that none of us get to see, but we want them to know...
We all hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
We Love and Miss You, Always and Forever,
And pray everyday for you!
Sending hugs and kisses and much love to Taylor, Lil Ryan, and Blaze!
May God Bless and Keep You!

We had a wonderful Christmas day!

Thanks for visiting today!
Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas too!!!! :)
TaTa Till Later!
God Bless!
Hugs & Stuff!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Decorating On the Inside ~ The Breakfast Nook

Well it's almost time to take down all the Christmas decorations for another year!
I know sooner get into the holiday and's all over! geesshh!
Well here are a few areas of the house that I did get done decorating.
Never got it all done, but ol was enough! And I am wore out!
Seems like since we moved here in July, all I have done is put things away!
The move, the flood, and now Christmas!
AND....then we are suppose to move again in July!!!
I so hope the owners decide to stay away another year!
I Just want a break for awhile lol!
These are photos of our breakfast nook area. Jack and I love red and green,
and cardinals and poinsettia's,
(you probably figured that from the outdoor decorating,)
and apples and holly berries as you will see...oh and gold too! :)
Oh and plaids too! Have no idea what you would call our flavor of decorating.
We have a lot of traditional and french country going on in this house,
but this fits in just fine, we think anyway.
It feels homey and that a word?
We have no curtains in the windows in the breakfast nook
or the huge wall of sliding doors off the family room
just behind the breakfast nook....
decided not to waste our money buying when we will only be moving
again shortly anyway. Plus we have a beautiful view out all the windows
 to the pool area, the ponds, and the woods!
And I love all the light during the day shining in! :)
We got these pretty dishes with cardinals at a place we love to shop
at in Plant City, FL. call Southern Hospitality or SOHO for short!
It's an awesome place for crafts, home decor and decorating, furniture, and gift ideas!
If you live near it, I would highly recommend you visit.
Awesome place for any holiday decorating!
When Jack and I found this setting all laid out on a table there,
we bought the entire set!
It has a cookie jar, milk pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, the dinner plates,
salad plates, and soup bowls. We bought the place mats and napkins too,
along with the ceramic Santa napkin rings. And the dinner bell hehe!
We also got two of the cardinal figurines sitting on the mercury glass balls.
We had a ball that night!
That was the Christmas before Jacks stroke almost five years ago now,
and we still love it all! Oh that's where we also got the six Christmas trees we use for the
and all the apple and holly berry garland, and apple holly berry stick thingies we stick in our Christmas tree and decorated the chandeliers with.
Oh and the cardinals!!! 
We walked out of that store that night with FOUR CARTS besides the six trees lol!
It's an AWESOME store!!!!  One of our FAVORITES!!!! 
They love it when we come there shopping lol!
They even know our names! :)

I just love these dishes!
We don't eat on them though lol....they are just displayed on the table.
We use our other dishes for the eating part hehe!
Well that's it for that area of the house!
More coming for the formal dining room and family room.
I did do a little bit in the guest bathroom and the formal living room,
but not near as much as I usually do. The master bedroom and guest bedroom
didn't get anything decorated this year at all!
Thanks for the visit and letting me share with you! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Now the march is on for the New Year!!! 
Wow!!! Can you believe we are going into 2013!!!
Lord, where have the years gone too!
TaTa Till Later!!!
Love and Stuff!
God's Blessings to You!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A 2013 Junking Calendar GiveAway at Fiona and Twig

Sharing a COOL Junkin 2013 Calendar GiveAway!!!! 
@Fiona and Twig Blog!!!!! Hurry!!! NO TIME TO WASTE!!!!
The calendar is chocked full of Junk photos,
AND.....a month to month update on all junking hot spots and events
across this junk filled land of ours!!!
How AWSOME!!! Now thats what I'M talking bout!!!!
To enter, leave a comment on her post
letting her know you're are a follower.
Leave additional comments if you Facebook,
tweet or blog about the giveaway for extra chances!
Winner to be announced Saturday the 29th...that's tomorrow!
Good Luck!!!
I WANT TO WIN!!!!! ME, ME, ME!!!
TaTa Till Later!!!
P.S. You will never guess who won this calendar!
It was ME! I couldn't believe it lol....I never win things!
It's really very nice too!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our House Decorated for Christmas This Year 2012

Finally Got Most of It Done!
Had no idea how I wanted to decorate our new house this year....our last home was done in an "Old Fashion" style with a sweet front porch, two story, more of a traditional looking home to decorate with. This house is more of a Mediterranean style. I didn't want to have to buy all new stuff either. So I pondered and pondered how to utilize what I had already. Where we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, our driveway goes down a bit of a hill, so the front yard is mostly on a hill. We have a wide sidewalk entryway from the driveway which is where I have my garden bench.
So I got this idea to do like a park setting as the hill up to the road starts right behind the bench. It is now done other than more lights I would like to put up, but I still need to do Christmas shopping and get the house cleaned up before our guests arrive Christmas day, and so running out of time! So this is it! Done Done! There are seven homes in our neighborhood and we are the only house that is decorated! This sweet town of Mt. Dora is so decked up for the Christmas holiday, we wonder if our neighborhood is the ba-humbug kinda of neighborhood! Not even a wreath on their doors! Weird!
Oh well our house sure sparkles! :)
This is our "Park" like Christmas!
From Our House to Yours
With Love! :)
Christmas at the Willhoite's!
We had so much fun decoratig this year!

 Our grapevine lighted Christmas mailbox.

Do you know what the word Joy means?'s the way we should live....
J=Jesus, who we should put First in our life and obey his word...
O=Others, putting others SECOND by loving and serving others.
Y=Yourself, love yourself as God loves you..................................
By keeping Jesus and Others first in your life, you feel the Joy of Jesus in your heart and Soul!
You will be the person God wanted and chose you to be, and you will love who you are!
Jesus, Others, Yourself! .........See!!!! :) ♥
Took these today.....loved the shadows across the lawn from the sun....our
"Christmas Park Theme" decorating is even pretty during the day!
Well, that's it for the outside.....we love it!
My honey loves to sit outside and just look at it...
he's so cute!
When I have time, and I'm so running out of it....I'll share some of the inside of the house. :)
Thanks for visiting today!
Christmas is ALMOST HERE!!!! YIPPPEEE!!!
Merry Christmas!!! May God pour his Blessings over you life!
Love and Hugs!
TaTa Till Later

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Little Junk Find Christmas Candle Holder

My little junk find all prettied up for Christmas...
This was black and cruddy when I found it.
I think it is made of steel or a heavy wrought iron............
 It IS heavy!!
It just sat for a year or more in my craft closet, 
so I decided to fix her up or get rid of it!  I painted it white,
added some clear acrylic rocks,
pine greenary with my Christmas favorite ~ holly berries,
and some red candles.
Glad I picked it up now.....and kept it.....much prettier! :)
Found her at a junk shop in N.C. when visiting some friends there.
Fun trip!!!
Got all kind of goodies!
A perfect spot on the sofa table.
Kinda like her now! :)
Have a Great Weekend!!!
It's ALMOST Christmas!!!!
TaTa Till Later!
Love & Hugs & Blessings!