Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIY Dropcloth Rustic White Pumpkins On A Budget

Hello and good day to you all!
I have been fighting a nasty cold
and not a lot of energy lately. In
between naps I have been trying to
make my mind believe I feel great!
I have been tackling my wanna do list
little by little and today I was able
to scratch one more thing off the list!
I keep saying I'm not a rustic girl
but I see that the last two projects
were just that! I needed some pumpkins
to add to my last wanna try, and I came
across this cute idea that of course
piqued my curiosity and I had to try!
I call these "pumpkins on a budget!"
Why you might ask....these little guys
are made with a roll of toilet paper! Yep
they are! My husband thought I was whacked,
but I told him "just wait and see!" And
when I got them all finished, he was
surprised to see how cute they really were!

I wanted some small white pumpkins and
because I haven't felt like going
shopping I decided to make my own.
That's more fun anyway right!? I grabbed
my painters drop cloth, some green
burlap, twine, some sticks and spanish
moss from the woods next door, and a
handful of loose burlap ravelings, (I
keep everything)and to the task. Oh and
a couple of rolls of toilet paper!
I used one whole roll of toilet paper for
for the first one...(taking out the
cardboard roll inside.) Then I cut one
in half also removing the cardboard roll inside.
I made cuts on my drop cloth two inches
wide and then just ripped several strips.
Then I started wrapping the strips around
the roll of toilet paper starting on the
inside of the roll and ending on the inside
of the roll, and put a dab of hot glue to
hold them in place. Next I took two pieces
of burlap frayings together and wrapped
those around the the painters cloth in
varing places to give the look of the
contours in a real pumpkin. On the bottom
of my pumpkin now, I took a piece of drop
cloth and stuffed it inside where the
cardboard tube use to be to hold all the
twine in place...with a dab a glue. I could
have cut a large circle and glued that on
the bottom, which would have given it a
more polished look, but I didn't have a
strip wide enough for a circle and I didn't
want to cut into my dropcloth just for that.
Nobody looks at the bottom anyway...so fancy
wasn't so important just for me.
My pumpkin bottoms. Good enough!
Next, I got my green burlap and cut leaf
shapes, and I cut one smaller leaf shape
out of the dropcloth too. I got my sticks
broken off to the size I wanted. Then took
a bunch of the frayed strands of burlap,
laid them loosely on the tops center,
stuffed the stick down in the middle,
tucked the leaf in and added a little
sprig of the spanish moss with it.
And done!

And I think they are so cute!
What do you think! And they didn't
cost me a dime! Besides having a very
large craft stash, and saving everything
right down to strands of burlap, and
using what nature gives us to play with,
I got a pretty rustic Fall decoration
for my table in the breakfast nook!
Not bad! And toilet paper is something
we all have on hand right!?
I got the sunflowers from an old
grapevine wreath my son picked up
one day at a garage sale. I tore it
apart for another beach wreath I want
to make. They gave some pop here with
the pumpkins. Those topiaries I found a
long time ago and still trying to figure
out what I want to do with them. But they
look good on the table with the pumpkins.
My hubby hates those things lol. He says
they look dead....I think they fit right
in with rustic don't you! And the copper
planter I found at a second hand shop
was perfect for setting the topiaries in!
I liked it all together!
After I finished my baby pumpkins, my
husband said, "can you make a taller
pumpkin?" I said let's try. I had brought
out all kinds of fabrics when I was going
to make these pumpkins and he liked this
purple plaid fabric and said, "make one
using that"...that was a fabric napkin
with fringe all around the edges. As I
looked at it, I thought it would compliment
the drop cloth with a compliment of colors.
So I did.....I used two rolls of toilet
paper stacked on top of each other to get
the tall pumpkin.
Did it the same way as the others, but
on the top I used the fringe and some of
the unraveled strands of fabric. Gotta
make use of everything right!? I used the
drop cloth leaf I had cut and the green
burlap leaf together for this one. Then
wrapped a strip of drop cloth around it
and knotted it.
Not bad, and they all compliment each
other. Hubby thought HIS idea was a
great one...I had to agree, not bad.
These were really fun, turned out quite
cute, and easy peasy to make. Kinda
crazy, but hey it worked!
You could use any fabric to make these
with. If you don't care for rustic,
decorate them in your type of
decor flavor.
Here is a tutorial that will help you
if you need it....this is where I got
the idea to make mine. This girl used
pretty ribbon. Click HERE. Hers
is adorable!
Hope you are inspired!
Have a great day!
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  1. Very cute and I love the white pumpkins!!!

    1. Hi Ms. Beverly! Thank you so much! They were fun to make and I was happy with how they turned out. Thank you for stopping by.....love your visit and thank you for the comment!

  2. These are so cute and clever! Plus, if you ever have a tp emergency, you know where to find some! Lol! Hugs, leena

    1. Leena!!!!! Thank you sweetie! I'm telling you...before I tear apart my pumpkins I would use leaves in an emergency first lol! Nice to see you and thank you for the visit and comment! Hugs back at you! Luv ya! :)


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