Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fun with Mason Jars - Pearls - Napkins - Lace - Bling

I'm playing again.............
Well I had to do something with all these jars I've collected!
Plus all my azalea's are in bloom and I just had to pick some
and bring some pretty inside.....when the flowers die out
we use them for candle holders....double goodness!
These are just the first few....the one with lace and the big pink
flower I did a long time ago when a friend saw this on FB and
wanted some.....but of course I had to make one for me too.
This one I cut out this gorgeous rose from some paper napkins.
I added strands of pearls and some sparkly bling.
This is the back of the same jar above,
but I'm making another with the front to look like this.
This one I did about a year ago
but needed something for my pretty azalea's I picked.
It was a candle holder before.
I love this one!
Well I got about 15 more to go, lots of pretty napkin
flower cuts outs and more back to work!
Oh I really mean playing!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
TaTa Till Later!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lace Crown GiveAway Winner

We have a winner! Acutally Winners!
I've decided to award two winners for this our winners are....
Kitty Breed from Heart Vintage Design
Leena Lanteigne from Pink Cherub Moon
Thank you girls for entering and for your support.
I'll be in touch to find out your decision on your crowns!
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!

P.S. .....Several ladies have asked how I made the lace crowns. Here are the two blogs where I found tutorials to make them. I followed what they did, although I took a couple of shortcuts but you can't go wrong by following their how too's.

Visit these blogs below.

 Bitter Betty's Lace Crown Tutorial


Rook No. 17 Lace Crowns -- Quick Microwave Method

They are so much fun to make and create!

Enjoy and have fun!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butt Ugly To Fru Fru Vest

A Test to My Creative Abilities Finished!
A friend of mine that does the vintage market circuit
is setting up her booth at Rennigers this weekend for the
Rennigers Extravaganza.
At the one last month, she ask me to take this
construction vest or whatever you call it
and fru fru it up for her. She wanted
ruffles on the bottom and fabric ties for the side,
and then what ever else I could come up with to make it,
"fru fru?"
I said sure! That was until I got it home and tried to
think of what I could do to it to make it pretty.
It was then I realized
It's Florescent!!!
I don't understand why she just doesn't go with a
pretty vintage apron or something prettier than this
gosh awful thing!  Oh well I said I would do it!
Three weeks have passed and I look at it and keep trying
to think what in the world can I do to this to make it pretty!
I hit the fabric stores trying to find anything that I could use
for the ruffles and that was a Pure BUST!
Nothing would go with this not even any prints...
Everything just clashed with it!
The ladies at JoAnns Fabric's asked if I needed help....
once I told them what I was trying to do and find,
they all looked at me with blank looks on their faces
looked at the vest and said, "Good Luck with THAT!"
And then they laughed....well so did I!
My last resort was using black fabric, but then all I could
see in my mind was a pumpkin lol!
I didn't want her to look like a Halloween character,
so my mind just keeps running a mile a minute.
I was ready to throw in the of my friends
said, "Tell her your dog ate it lol!" I was tempted I'll tell ya!
Well I finally had a vision so I set out to do it!
Then along the way I changed it because I couldn't
stand that florescent orange staring at me.
So.....I got my paints out and painted it white on the
front and back. You can still see a bit of the orange
but not much, that was good!
I cut off the Velcro straps, then cut the front of the vest off
at the bottom so it was even with the back. Then I got this
brainstorm of covering it with some vintage lace that I cut
from an old vintage tablecloth. I got out my Modge Podge
and adhered the lace to the vest. So far not to bad!
She wanted raw edges on everything so I ripped
black strips of fabric for ties on the side. I found some
pre-ruffled chiffon strips at the fabric store and
thought hey!!!.....
that saves me from making ruffles!
I also found some black lace with some bling...
I made a rolled rose flower and stuck some bling on that,
then added some lace strips and a round of lace behind the
rose and tacked it on.....
AND.....WALA!!!  DONE!
AND....It doesn't look like a pumpkin! HA!!




It looks Parisian!
Totally different look from what I first envisioned!
My hubby was shocked when he saw the finished product....
so was I hehe!
He loved it and was just amazed......
I did to and so was I!
Well I think it looks so much better....
and it does have a fru fru look!
This was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be lol!
So now I'm on my way to help her set up her booth and
deliver her vest. Hope she likes it!
Butt Ugly isn't Ugly anymore!
See ya all later! Wish me Luck that she will like it! :)
And oh my gosh it is stinkin raining out....
this is so not going to be fun setting upthat booth!
We are going to get soaked and it's chilly to boot! YUK!!
Why do I always get myself into these things!
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Love, Hugs, and Blessings to You!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Pretty Lace Crown GiveAway for YOU!


Let's Have A Giveaway!

A Sweet Lace Crown To Be
Made Especially for you!
One winner will receive
one pretty lace crown....
This giveaway is going to be a
bit different from the norm.
The winner will get a say in how
they would like their crown created!
You can choose one from the ones
I have already made pictured below!
(see the info on each crown
under each picture)
How fun is that!?
(1). Winner will have the option
of choosing a narrow or wide lace.
(2). Winner has a choice in the
color they want the crown to be.
(3). Winner will choose what
size they want...and 
(4). Winner will also get a say in
how they would like the crown styled,
what will be used to
embellish their crown...
(5). If you would rather
have one of the ones shown
below that is already made
as your win, we can make
that happen too!
If it's larger in size
than what you want,
most can be cut down to your size,
but I can't make them larger.
I can remake it in the size
you would like but,
the pieces used for the bling are
one of a kind so another piece
would be used in it's place.....
I have lots of pretty bling.
Once the winner is announced.....
Winner and I will make a contact
to gather your decision and address.
I will then set out to creating your
own one-of-a-kind princess crown!
Once your crown is finished,
 it will be sent right out to you! :)
These lace crowns are perfect
for baby and toddler photo's!
Little girl's princess parties!
A sweet addition to party costumes!
used as a lovely decoration or,
a gift for someone else!
(Below, a few ideas from crowns
 I have already created if
you want to create your own.)
!!!Ok is the drill for entering
to win your own
"Princess Lace Crown"!!!
(1) Sign up to follow this blog
if you haven't already.
(2) Leave a comment on this post
and be sure to leave your
first and last name in the post
(makes it so much easier to know who you are!)
(3) Share with your friends!
That's it!
Giveaway ends on
February 19th, 2013 at Midnight!
Winner to be announced on
February 20th, 2013
Right here on this blog!
 *At this time this is only open to U.S. residents*
My latest creations below for some
ideas for you. If you would rather
have one of the ones below
instead of designing your own,
just let me know....
if it's larger in dia.
than what you want,
some can  be cut down in size.
Set One ....
(White with blue stone center)
This one can be cut down in size.
Set Two ....
(Lavender with rhinestone)
This can be cut down in size.
*The first photo of the lavender set
 is more the true color.
Set Three .... 
(Yellow with rhinestone brooch)
This can be cut down in size.
Set Four ....
(Blue with rhinestone & pearl brooch)
This can be cut down in size.
Set 5 ....
(Pink with oval rhinestone brooch)
This can be cut down in size.
All of the above in sets
(1) thru (5) are
4 1/2"Dia x 1 1/4"H x 14 1/2" around.
All have rhinestone studs all around
in the center of each of the
flowers within the lace.
They are embellished with
wispy feathers &
some sparkly bling on the front.
All can be replicated except
for the bling used....
those are all one of a kind,
but I have lots more.
Set Six
The ones above in set six
can all be replicated except for,
 the one with the large flower.
It's one of a kind.
It is available as a giveaway if
you don't want to design your own,
and you just really like this one.
(1) The blue one above is
7"Dia x 1 3/4"H x 20" all around.
The lace was hand painted in a
pretty baby blue. It was sprinkled
with glitter. The front is
embellished with those fluffy
baby breath like feathers,
and a vintage rhinestone brooch
sparkles in the center.
(This can be cut down in size
if winner would like this one.)
(2) The white lace crown with the
large flower is
6 1/4"Dia x 2 1/2"H x 20 1/4" around.
The front was embellished with
baby breath fluffy feathers...
a gorgeous pink satin, organza, lace,
and tulle flower with it edges burnt,
and a pretty rhinestone center.
(This can also be cut down in size
if winner would like this one.)
(3) The soft pink crown is
 3 1/4" in Dia x 1 7/8"H x 10 1/2"
all around. It has 18 rhinestone studs
all around it. A strand of tiny pearls
lay around the scalloped bottom
of the crown, and a pretty
white organza flower with pearls
embellishes the front.
I then sprinkled the whole crown
with sparkly glitter.
This one would have to be remade as
this one can't be cut down
smaller in size.
Set Seven ....
(White lace with three rose colored
paper roses and ribbon)
This last crown with the
roses and ribbons is
4 1/4"Dia x 2 1/2"H x 13 1/2 all around.
There are six rhinestone studs
centered in each of the lace flowers
in the crown. Three beautiful rose
colored mulberry paper roses
embellishes the front.
White and rose colored satin ribbon
was woven through the lace
around the bottom of the crown
and ties in the back in a bow
with long streamers.
This can be cut down in size
if the winner would like this one.
So there you go!
Lots of choices for you to have
as close as possible to what you want
your winning lace crown to be like!
But to must enter!!!!
To enter what do you have to do?
(1) Sign up as a follower on this blog
 if you aren't already.
(2) Leave a comment saying
you want to enter
leave your first and last name!
(3) Share with your friends
on Facebook, your blog or both! :)
If you don't have a blog or Facebook,
 just do (1) and (2).
It's more fun and merrier
with more ya know! :)
Then if you are the winner.....
just let me know if you want to
 create your own or,
you would rather have one
that I have already made
 that I have listed and shown
in this blog post!
That's It! 
Have fun and I wish you all
 good luck!
Thank you for visiting
and participating!
Well I hope I covered everything,
 if you have any questions,
just ask!
Ok this post is long enough!
So signing off for now!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings to you!
TaTa Till Later!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Vintage 1930's Bike


Another New Bike!

We went to Rennigers Antique and Flea Market today! Love that place!
Went to find a few things for some crafts I am wanting to do.
Boy that place was jamming today!
This weekend was the "Guitars & Cars" event.
They had bands playing some great old music from back in my day....
Geezz.... that sounds like I'm OLD! HA!....
Well I am sorta kinda dang it!
But anyway they also had tons of old vintage cars and trucks
and a few antique ones too.
I saw a few old trucks I would give Jack away to have hehe!
I won't let him see that comment lol.
I also saw this old bike and just couldn't get out of there without it!
I am so bad at that kind of thing!
This baby is awesome and in such GREAT shape for it's age!
Somebody took good care of her for sure!

I got her for $50.00! I thought that was pretty dang good! :)
I have another one I got a year or so ago that has a basket on the front. 
 I keep flowering plants in that and she is parked out front in the small garden.
I'm going to clean this baby up, paint her pretty,
get some bling so she will sparkle too...
and get two new tires, and ride her!
I'm just 20 blocks from downtown Mt. Dora,
 so I can ride down there everyday for some good exercise!
And it WILL be EXERCISE!! I'll be going down hill to get there,
but it will be up hill most of the way back!
It'll probably kill me lol!
I need to find me a sweet vintage basket for the front and back....the back basket will be for goodies
the front will be for Prini to ride with me....she loves to go bye-bye!
And it has a BELL!!!!  And it WORKS!!!  I'm so excited!
Cool design on it!
This says "Made In U.S.A....we like that!
Under the J.C. Higgins it says....
Sears Roebuck & Co. Simpson Sears Limited
Cool Beans right?!
Love this old seat!
Even the handle bar grips are in pretty great shape!
My other bike only has one of the fenders and this one has both! YEA!
These are cool cause they get wider on each of the ends.
Everything works great....little bit of rust but we like that.
It has the longer kick stand so when you use it the bike doesn't fall over
like the new bikes these days!
I can't wait to get her redone with new paint and some sparkle!
When she is all prettied up I'll take some new photo's to share.
Was a fun day at Rennigers!
Thanks for the visit!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
TaTa Till Later!