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Recycled Bottles for Moms New Lake House

Pretties for Mom
Well, the home I grew up in is no more. It was so old
it was literally falling down. The home was located
on Fine Lake outside of Battle Creek, Mi. I lived in
that home from the time I was three until I left home at
nineteen. It was a two story two bedroom tiny home, and
it had eight people living in it! Six girls and mom and dad.
And, ONE bathroom! Everyone always felt so sorry for my
father lol...all those women and just ONE Bathroom! I can
remember when dad would come home from work and after
dinner, he would take the newspaper, his readers digest, and
hit the bathroom and be in there forever lol! I also remember
having to go to the neighbors many times just to use the
bathroom! Everyone used to get a kick out of that, and it was
always a story people talked about laughingly. One other story
was how my mom would bath us in the lake in the evenings too!

A bar of soap, bottle of shampoo, towel...
scrub, dip,and out to bed we would go!
The neighbors always thought that was too funny!
Lots of memories of the place. The days when life was
simple, happy, and fun! Then.....we had to grew up!
 These are the only pictures I had and these are as they started the tear down.....
this picture is after a remodel years ago.....This front section was a screened in
porch  at one time when I was little.
 Can you imagine eight people living in this little house! Upstairs was two bedrooms, one tiny closet.
Down stairs was a small kitchen, living/dining room combo, one bath, and a screen in porch on the
lake front until the remodel years ago.....the screen porch became more living area, and then later
after my fathers death, a kitchen and eat in area. Our home along with two others were the first
homes built on this lake back in the very early 1900's. I was told by an elderly lady that lived
down the road, that at one time it was and Indian could find indian spear
heads all over the place. I don't know how we all survived!
That cement slab you see used to have a one car garage sitting there....
until a tornado took it down....I will never ever forget that day!
There used to be lots of big oak trees all around this house too....
but sadly....they are all gone now except one in the front yard by the lake! :(
 As the sun was setting on the lake in front of moms house. It's a huge beautiful lake, although
this photo doesn't show how big it really is! I used to love hearing the motor boats in the
morning when I would wake up in the summer, and whenever I smell takes me
back to the lake and boats....I think I miss that most of all!
 The only photo I have of the outside of my moms new home.....still a work in progress
but almost done! Then re-landscaping the outside, and a patio all across the lake front
of the house which now has sliding glass doors across the whole front.....will be beautiful!
Well the house was torn down to the ground this last year by
my sisters and brother-in-law, and lots of nieces and nephews.
They then rebuilt my mother a one story two bedroom home.
Now it's even smaller but it is just her. My father passed back
in 1987. I haven't seen it other than pictures, and when I did
it was pain and happiness. I'm happy for her but the house
just doesn't seem like home anymore. She got into the house
this last November and was able to celebrate the holidays
in her new home with all her family except for two of us girls
who live here Florida. What a nice gift....
a new home built by the hands of  her family.
That place definitely needs to stay in family!
Well my mom just turned seventy five so I decided to make
her something small by my hands. She has changed her
her colors and style in her furnishings of the house, so with
the pictures I saw, I was able to see the colors she has decorated
with. She chose pretty greens and blues which look great
seeing the house sits on a I cued from that and made
her just a little something for decoration. I have something
else I'm doing for her as a special gift, but this was just
something for the house.
I've had all these dang bottles I have pack ratted, so I set
out to do something with those. I think they will look nice
on her tables, or even the kitchen bar that separates her
living and kitchen area. Hope she likes them!
They sure look pretty nice on my patio table by the pool!
I might just have to make me a set...I kinda like them myself!
I wrapped a juice bottle, and wine bottle, and can you guess
the little one?..........a beer bottle!, the wine and
beer bottles weren't mine....I got them from a place my hubby
and I go to quite often for eats and great music on the weekends.

They save me bottles and corks for my crafts...nice people!
Like I need more of either lol!
I wrapped the bottles in twine, made rolled roses from old
book pages, added some twine knotted at the neck of the
bottles, painted moms colors in wide stripes around the
bottle and sealed them with modge podge.
I then brushed the edges of the paper flowers with the same
colors and they're done! I'm pretty happy with the out come!
They look pretty lakey/beachy to me! What do you think?
Will they pass as something nice for decorating!?
I hope so! It was fun creating them!
This is what I started with....a sparkling pink lemonade
beverage bottle, (loved the shape to it), a wine bottle...
mine was empty though lol, and the small bottle (not shown
here), was a beer bottle...a bud light beer bottle to be exact!
Oh....I didn't drink the wine either, or the beer!
...I don't drink hardly ever! But the sparkling beverage,
yes, and I love that stuff! It's so yummy!
Well, Happy New Home Mom!
Just a little something for you!
Now I just got to get them mailed to surprise her!
Well, I have to end this cause hubby is hungry!
Update: 8-27-14
A quick little tutorial on how to twine wrap bottles!
The supplies you'll need....I usually do three bottles at a time
for a set. Twine..Mod of water to clean your
sponge brush..three bottles different sizes, heights, and
shapes if you want..sponge brush or a paint brush will do
too..scissors..paper towel to squeeze water out of the
sponge brush if you have to clean it during this process..
wet paper towels for cleaning your fingers along the way.
This can get pretty messy, and takes about an hour and a half
or more, if you stay right with it until the end. And that timing
is for one bottle! Ready Set Go!!!

First I dab some Mod Podge on the end of my twine. It helps
with the rolling of it to get started. I always start at the bottom
of the bottle too.

Then I start rolling the twine to make a circle. (Excuse
my nails...I have made several of these lately and that
Mod Podge isn't nice on the nails. They need buffing
now and some polish!

While holding the little twine circle, I dab with the sponge
brush some Mod Podge on the front and back and then
smooth it out and into the twine just lightly so the circle
doesn't come undone with my finger tip.

Next, I find the center of the bottom of the bottle and
set the circle in place. Give it a couple of minutes to
take hold....Mod Podge dries pretty quickly.
Now take your sponge brush, dipped in the Mod
Podge and spread that on the rest of the bottom
of the bottle and......start wrapping the twine
around your circle. Don't worry about all those
sticky outy strands....they go away when your done
and it has dried completely. If by chance there are
any strands sticking out after your done that you don't
like, just take your scissors and trim it off. I don't normally
use this type of's a pain, but it was all they had at
the store this trip.....I normally love using Hemp Twine.
It's much smoother and easier to work with. Sticks
together better too. But I couldn't find any of that
anywhere! I went everywhere! Oh well....this will do.

Ok..keep wrapping also making sure you keep the twine snug
up against the row your wrapping around....if the circle
hasn't set enough, it might slip out of place. Just gently move
it back to the center. If there is excess Mod Podge on the twine,
take your finger moving it around the circle to massage it into
the twine. If the Mod Podge on the glass starts to dry, just add
more with your sponge brush. When adding more Mod Podge
on the glass bottle, push the brush up against the twine too, to
get it to adhere to the next wrap around of the twine.
This to me is the most tedious part....getting this bottom started.
After you get all around the bottom of the bottle and start up the
side of the bottle, the rest is a breeze!

Now you'll be coming to the part of the bottle where it curves
from the bottom up to the side ....Keep wrapping it around
but keep nudging it close to the already wrapped
don't want gaps that the glass will show through when your done.

Keep wrapping....keep it snug but don't let it overlap!
On the wrapped part you already have done...occassionally
take your finger nail and press the twine wrap to the bottle
to make sure it hasn't seperated from the bottle and do this
until it is pretty set and dryer. You don't want a bubble of
air between the twine and glass. I use my fingernail
because the Mod Podge wet twine doesn't stick as much
to my nail as it does to my skin on my finger tip....just
things I have learned as I have done these.
When I have finally reached the rounded edge of the bottle
I take my sponge brush dipping it into the Mod Podge and
brush it all around the bottle and just keep wrapping.

Yea....we are over the it will move quicker!
Oh...I almost forgot! The way I love to work my bottle
is to put it between my legs. I know sounds weird, but....
it works great because you can turn the bottle as your
wrapping which helps the wrap part go faster! I take the
twine strand with my right hand and wrap. My left hand
is on the bottom of the bottle turning it, plus I use my left
thumb to push the twine snug up against the twine already
wrapped as I am turning and wrapping. Hope that makes
sense. When I get half way down the bottle....I let the bottle
sit a few minutes until it isn't sticky anymore, then I flip the
bottle right side up and keep wrapping till I am done at the
top of the bottle. And instead of brushing the Mod Podge all
around the bottle once you get to the sides of it, you really
only need to brush a dab of Mod Podge on the front and back
of the bottle. Less Mod Podge, less mess, and it still sticks!

Remember if the Mod Podge dries on you before you get done
wrapping the area you smeared with it....just brush more on
over will be fine.

Here we are finally up about a quarter of the bottle!
Keep wrapping around and around! You're getting there!

By this time the bottom has pretty much fully dried. See
how all those sticky outy strands have pretty much
dissappeard? Some is ok...thats the twine look.

I didn't finish this yet as I had to hurry to get this tutorial done!
Just Keep Wrapping all the way to the top! Once you have
reached the top....snip the end off with your scissors...add a dab
of the Mod Podge to the end just like how we started, and press it
close to the bottle and the last wrapped row. You will barely even
notice it's the end of the twine. And then your will look
like the finished bottles below. Then you can leave as is or deck
them out with paint, bling, flowers, shells, lace, buttons, or
whatever you want!
(When I get this little bottle finished, I'll post the photo.
I just don't have time to finish it at the moment. I got a
deadline to meet on something else.)
And here she is finally all done! A little bling
and some flowers and she is pretty!
(these bottles were done using the hemp twine, very little
sticky outy strands...much better to work with too!)
If you have any questions....let me know here in a comment
or email me. Have fun and enjoy your creations!
TaTa Till Later!
Hugs, Love, and Blessings!
Thanks for stopping by....always love the company! :)
And....I totally appreciate your comments too!
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  1. Hi Debi, Your bottles are beautiful and I'm sure your mom will love them. My mom used to take her brood to a creek for our baths. The water was ice cold but we had so much fun. As we got older us girls (and mom) would sit on a big rock and shave our legs. Those were the "good old days"...Connie

    1. Thank you Connie....I had to laugh at your shaving the legs part....we use to do that too....yes those were the days and I so miss those time. Lovely to see you and thank you for the visit!


  2. what a wonderful history of your childhood. God Bless both of your parents, esp dad for being the only male. lol. My dad did the same with the newspaper, I think most males do that!

    Your bottles are lovely, and they will look pretty at the house by the lake. Your mother is so fortunate to have a family that would build her a new home.

    God Bless you All!


    1. It was a rough childhood in many ways but we did have times that make me laugh now and think fondly about. My dad was an amazing man and boy do I miss him now.

      Thanks on the bottles, my mom did love them. It is amazing how the family built that house...I wish I could have been there to help. They did a great job though! Mom is happy as can be!

      Thanks for the visit and comment too!

      Blessings to you girl!


  3. Your redone bottles look so nice! I think they look like they belong in a house by the lake! I am sure your Mom will really enjoy them! Nancy

    1. Hi nice to see you here! Thank you so much for the compliment. Mom loved them and they went perfect with all her other stuff. Thank you for the visit and for the comment. Hope to see you again sometime! :)


  4. I enjoyed your blog and the tutorial on the bottles that are wrapped in twine. I wrote a comment but I don't know where it went when I tried to post it so you may hear from me twice. I saw so many similarities in my life. I was born in Michigan though didn't spend long amounts of time there are my father was in the Army. When he went overseas and then later retired we had a little 2 bedroom house with one bathroom and there were 10 of us!!! Fortunately there was a full walk out basement that allowed for a couple more bedrooms. Also just saw that you were in Mt. Dora. I live in Ky. in the summer but am in Eustis in the winter months!!! It's a small world after all. ♪ Beverly

    1. Thank you Beverly! The reason you didn't see your comment right away is because I have to approve it first. :) We do have a lot of simularities in our life don't we. I can't imagine 10 people living in our house....we didn't have a basement! But one bathroom for 10...yikes! Yes it is a small world and when you get back we should get together! We can do bottles lol!

      Have a great day!

  5. Still trying to figure out how to comment. I'm not sure if the comments came across or not.

  6. Now I see it says my comment "will be visible after approval". I saw you are in Mt. Dora. I live in Ky. in the summer but in Eustis in the winter!!! I was born in Michigan though didn't live there a long time as my father was in service. Also lived in a 2 bedroom house when my Dad retired and there were 10 of us!! ONly 1 bathroom but we had a walkout basement so had 2 more bedrooms there. If you got this repeatedly, I apologize. Enjoyed your tutorial, thanks!

    1. I did get all your comments...but don't worry about's ok! :) Glad you liked the tutorial! Till Later!

  7. Thanks very much for the tutorial. I am retired and was looking for something additional to do beside my work at church. Will be going out tomorrow to get a few supplies, bottles I have lol .... Will keep you posted on my success.

    1. You are so welcome! I think you will enjoy doing the bottles with the twine. I know I do! Thank you so much for the visit and for the comment! And yes please let me know how your bottles come out! Have a lovely day!

  8. The bottles are great. How do you get the different colors?

    1. Debra, They were painted on using DecoArt Patio Paints in any craft section. I can't remember what the colors where that I used though and right now they are packed as we are getting ready to move. Thanks!

  9. What kind of paint do you prefer for this project? It looks like you took each strand and painted it, so neat.

  10. Hi Debra! I used the "DecoArt Patio Paint" in the craft section of any craft store. They work really well for things you may put outside as the paint is weatherproof, and it has a bit of glossy look and feel to it. To apply the paint to the twined bottles, I just used a sponge brush. It makes it really easy to paint an even line around the bottle...and I just followed the twine wrapped around the bottle to get my even line and that was it. Thank you for the question and thanks a bunch for your time spent here! Have a lovely day! :)


Thank you so much for the visit and your kind and lovely comments! Please come back and visit again! Have a blessed day!