Friday, November 13, 2015

Tarnished Silver Succulent And Cacti Dish Garden

Love Dish Gardens!
Well it has been a long while. After a move into
a new home we ended up babysitting five of our
grandchildren for the whole summer! That kept
up hopping and busy busy! The next couple of
months was catching up on the house and so
many things put on the back burner until the
kiddies all went back home. Because they all
live an hour away, they literally were moved in
for three months. Daughters three, sons two.
We took them home to be with their parents
on days off, but we never had a break with
no kids except two days the whole time.
What a trip that was! But a fun time we had
crazy and all!
 On a recent trip to the store, I couldn't pass up
this large cacti, but have no idea what it is!
Really liked it though, and then decided to pick
up a few succulents to make a dish garden.
Once home, I had no idea what to use for my
dish garden, and never gave thought to that
at the store. But, as luck would have it, I had
been going through some boxes from our last
move and came across this silver casserole
dish that had belonged to my hubby's mother. It
was in bad need of being polished, but I liked
it's tarnished look, and thought this might work.
 I got to work. I got out one of my glass
casserole dishes, then added my dirt and
plants, along with some Spanish moss and
a bit of river rock. The lid to the casserole
server actually comes off, but I really liked
it on, so on I put it.  
I gave it all a bit of sprinkle of water and set
it on the coffee table.
 I love this dish and with the plants in it, I
thought this was a great way to use it. It
had been stored in the china cabinet for
several years and that is just sad. It's just
to nice a piece to be hidden away. I Love
the legs on it and all it's detail! It looks
like my mother-in-law may have started
to wax it as I can see area's of dried wax,
so one day I might just get it all shiny again.
For now, it makes a sweet garden container!
Tarnished and all!
Ta Ta for Now!