Friday, September 26, 2014

Garlic Ghost Pumpkins ~ Have I Flipped?

I'm not sure but I think I may have officially FLIPPED!
 Hubby seems to think so!
I have spent all this past week making all the pumpkins
that I had planned on making for the last two years and
never got around to doing them. I was just plain and down
out right determined I was going to do them this year come
heck or high water!
I have made sweater pumpkins, chenille pumpkins, cotton
checked pumpkins, drop cloth pumpkins using rolls of
tolit paper, and even collected some palm nuts I found out
in the yard that are orange and look like tiny pumpkins! I
added those to a couple of decorations I made for Fall.
Oh...and pumpkins made of t-shirts!
I've made them in a couple of different ways and still have
a few to go and then I think I'm done....maybe! It seems
everything I look at could be a pumpkin! But by golly this
year, I am finally accomplishing what I have wanted to
try and do and am getting them off my list and mind once
and for all! I feel much better now that that task is done!
Well I'm almost done!
But I think I am on pumpkin overload! I go to the store
to pick up a few things I needed, and on my list was some
garlic. I get home and am putting away the groceries and
as I turn around I spy my bag of garlic. I take them out of
the bag, set the three bulbs on the counter and my phone
rings. After the call I proceed to finish putting away the
rest of the groceries and go to pick up the bulbs of garlic
to put in the veggie crisper and what do you suppose I see?
Pumpkins! I see my bulbs of garlic as Pumpkins!
Well of course I had to do it! I got out my black and white
craft paints, and some twine to make three little bows. In
my wacked out mind, the tops of the garlic bulbs have now
become hair and in need of a bow. I painted eyes on each
of the bulbs, and mouths, glued on the bows with my glue
gun and then what do you suppose I see. GHOST'S!
So now I got three cute little Garlic Pumpkin Ghost's!
Thinking they were so cute I took them into my hubby's
office here at home to show him my new creations. Guess
what he does? He starts dying laughing! When he finishes
he suggests I get the thermometer so he can take my temp.
Then he starts laughing again! After a few seconds I asked
if he was done, he said yes and starts laughing again!
So I go back downstairs thinking to myself....hmmmm
well I think they are just dang adorable! I got a silver
tray that is in desperate need of some polish, laid some
fake Fall colored leaves on it, and place my garlic pumpkin
ghosts on top and then sprinkled some acorns I pick up
from out in my driveway and set them on the end table.
This would be the end table right next to where my hubby
sits in the evening to watch the boob tube!

 When he comes down later in the late afternoon, he goes
over to sit in his favorite spot and sees my little garlic ghost
pumpkins. I'm in the kitchen and I'm just waiting...just
waiting for one more crack of laughing! But this time he
surprised me. He says, "sweetie, those are so cute and the
way you did them on that tray really looks nice!" I'm silent.
He says, "sweetie did you hear me?" I said, "yes I did, are
you afraid I might poison your dinner!?" He starts laughing
again and say's, "no...well maybe!" Then says while he is
still chuckling, "your mind never ceases to amaze me...
YOU are the only person I know that would paint a face
on garlic and add bows! But I really do think they are cute!
Only you dear....only you!" Now do I believe him...nope!
Why, because every time he looks at them he starts laughing
again! I think he was just afraid what I might to do his
dinner! And I....still think they are just dang adorable
even if he is still laughing! The big meany! Am I wacked!?
I don't know, but it's way way past bedtime....I'll sleep on
it and see how I see it in the morning.
When I get my pumpkins all done I'll share my over load
of pumpkin making I now have. But at least I have done
what I was determined to do! I can say the hubs hasn't
laughed at them....he actually complimented me on them!
That's a good thing for him because this girl is
already thinking of a good backup get even plan
to put up my sleeve for the next time he utters
another laugh! Shhhhh, don't tell but I'm thinking
some mashed up guacamole in the next dish I'm
making! He gags just looking at that stuff!
Beware buddy beware!
I still think they are cute don't you? Who cares
what he thinks....he's a guy!
Here's a sneak peek of one of my sweater pumpkins
that was on my two year ago list to make. I just had
to add some sparkle too! Hubs really liked these!
Have a great weekend ya'll!
TaTa For Now!
With Sincere Appreciation I Would Like To Thank
For featuring my Garlic Ghost Pumpkin Girls!
And my Chic little Sweater Pumpkin too!
Thank You! I'm tickled Pink!
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  1. Uber clever and cute little garlic pumpkins. Creative Ghosty Bliss...

    1. Thank You Sherry! I just knew someone would see the uniqueness in these lol!

  2. how did you make the sweater pumpkins? I think it is too cute to make certain your garlic pumpkins don't get cold.

    1. I found a tutorial on line...can't think of the name of it. When I got a minute I'll see if I can find it and share it here with you. :) Thanks for the visit and for taking the time to leave a comment! Have a great weekend! Mine is busy with grandkids who keeping me hopping! :)

  3. Oh Debbie, I just Looooooove you and your adorable little Garlic Girls! I think they are little girl pumpkins with the sweet little bows in their hair and I just think you are the smartest thing in the world!!! Darling little garlic ghosties! And it gave me a giggle to imagine your hubby laughing and laughing every time he looked at them;-) Guys.... Big sigh... They are truly just helpless! Lol!!!

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Debbie! You're too sweet! Yep those are my ghostie girls! Maybe I should have put pretty orange bows in their hair lol! Just the dumbest thing but I think they are still cute. Yes men can be just hopeless some days....certainly not to imaginative that is for sure! Thank you visiting and for your sweet comment....I will just have to show Jack (my hubby) this comment! :) Have a great weekend! xoxo

  4. It's very clever, and the pumpkins are adorable.

  5. I ♥♥♥ you Garlic Ghosts Pumpkins

    1. Thank you Linda! Thank you so much for the feature on them! I made sure to let my hubby know that news lol! Thank you again! I really appreciate it! Hugs!

  6. I love them and think they are awesome. I'm thinking of when I can go out and get more garlic to have a few of my own.

  7. Haha, this is a brilliant idea! If this doesn't keep the vampires away I don't know what will!

  8. These are adorable and super simple. Tell your hubby to not be surprised when he sees them popping up everywhere. <3


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