Saturday, March 29, 2014

Kissed With Spring In The Air

It was a beautiful day today
with the sun shining, a gentle
breeze, warm temps, and I couldn't
resist getting my camera out
and playing pretty. It gave me
some energy and hope that Spring
is here and Summer is right
around the corner! Yippee!
Wishing you all lovely weekend!
And for all my snowbird friends,
here's some pretty to wish away
your cold snowy days!
TaTa Till Later!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Awesome Find For My Camera Collection

 I have wanted one of these for so
long and I finally found one at a
steal at Renningers Flea Market
here in Mount Dora, Fl.
I've wanted to start a camera
collection for a long while, and
this is the perfect start! It's a
1901 Eastman Kodak with bellows,
and it's in amazing great shape!
It's 113 years old!
I don't know what it is about
old old camera's, but I love
them and love looking at them.
Once we get our own home, I
plan on displaying them in
my hubby's library. They'll
look good with all his old books.
There is some pitting on the
the metal parts,
a little bit of scuffing on the leather case, the leather handle
on top is broken, and a few
worn edges on the bellows on
one side, but not badly......
but the rest looks really good!
She does need a bit of dusting
again though but a beauty she is!

I wonder if this baby works!
That would be so cool!
Who ever owned her before really
took good care of her.
I'm definately a happy girl!
My next search is for a Kodak
Brownie camera. My dad bought
me my first camera when I was
nine for my birthday and it was
a Brownie....I wish I knew what
ever happened to that. I would
love to have been able to have
that in my collection durn it!
As I was leaving to run some
errands yesterday, I walked
outside and found my minature
roses were blooming on the
trellis....I just
had to take some pictures,
they are so sweet!
I gots a craving for potato
chips with melted cheddar
cheeses....So yummy!
I normally use Scoops Tortilla
Chips...adding shredded cheese
and after I melt it in the micro
wave, I top it with salsa. One
night I was craving this and had
no Scoops, so I grabbed the bag
of potato chips, threw cheese on
them, nuked it for about a minute
and dang if that wasn't pretty
good too! Whatever works!
Now to go stuff my face! :)
Not the healthiest snack I'm
sure, but going for it anyway!
Thank you so much for the visit!
Enjoy your day! XOXO
TaTa for Now...
Love and Blessings!