Sunday, February 10, 2013

My New Vintage 1930's Bike


Another New Bike!

We went to Rennigers Antique and Flea Market today! Love that place!
Went to find a few things for some crafts I am wanting to do.
Boy that place was jamming today!
This weekend was the "Guitars & Cars" event.
They had bands playing some great old music from back in my day....
Geezz.... that sounds like I'm OLD! HA!....
Well I am sorta kinda dang it!
But anyway they also had tons of old vintage cars and trucks
and a few antique ones too.
I saw a few old trucks I would give Jack away to have hehe!
I won't let him see that comment lol.
I also saw this old bike and just couldn't get out of there without it!
I am so bad at that kind of thing!
This baby is awesome and in such GREAT shape for it's age!
Somebody took good care of her for sure!

I got her for $50.00! I thought that was pretty dang good! :)
I have another one I got a year or so ago that has a basket on the front. 
 I keep flowering plants in that and she is parked out front in the small garden.
I'm going to clean this baby up, paint her pretty,
get some bling so she will sparkle too...
and get two new tires, and ride her!
I'm just 20 blocks from downtown Mt. Dora,
 so I can ride down there everyday for some good exercise!
And it WILL be EXERCISE!! I'll be going down hill to get there,
but it will be up hill most of the way back!
It'll probably kill me lol!
I need to find me a sweet vintage basket for the front and back....the back basket will be for goodies
the front will be for Prini to ride with me....she loves to go bye-bye!
And it has a BELL!!!!  And it WORKS!!!  I'm so excited!
Cool design on it!
This says "Made In U.S.A....we like that!
Under the J.C. Higgins it says....
Sears Roebuck & Co. Simpson Sears Limited
Cool Beans right?!
Love this old seat!
Even the handle bar grips are in pretty great shape!
My other bike only has one of the fenders and this one has both! YEA!
These are cool cause they get wider on each of the ends.
Everything works great....little bit of rust but we like that.
It has the longer kick stand so when you use it the bike doesn't fall over
like the new bikes these days!
I can't wait to get her redone with new paint and some sparkle!
When she is all prettied up I'll take some new photo's to share.
Was a fun day at Rennigers!
Thanks for the visit!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
TaTa Till Later!


  1. That is a wonderful bike. It is painted the most gorgeous blue!

    1. Thank you Susan! Nice to see you again! is a pretty blue but the paint job isn't to pretty. It really needs to be redone. I'm looking forward to getting her prettied up!

      Thank you for the visit! I appreciate it so much!


  2. What a great bike--I always want one just to sit in the yard--probably would be a good idea for me to get one and actually ride it! :)

    1. I thought that too lol.....I have one in the garden, so this one is going to be for riding....I need some exercise real bad hehe!

      Thank you for the visit...I really appreciate it and it's always nice to see you here!


  3. This is awesome! What fun it will be for you and Prini to ride to town and back. Well, maybe not ride back, possibly push up the hill back. That'd be me! LOL! What color are you going to paint her? I can't wait to see the finished product! Great find! Hugs, Leena

    1. Thanks Leena....I was so excited when I found it! I can't wait to take Prini with me on some rides to the bakery downtown....I hope she won't freak out in the basket lol! I've ridden it downtown onece....couldn't hardly walk the next day...those hills are killers! I haven't decided on a color yet...I keep thinking pink and yellow hehe.....oh and with some bling!



  4. Without a doubt, that ride can perhaps bring you so much happiness, and it can really enhance your love for vintage items and bicycle rides.

    1. Hi Tilly! Nice to meet you! Yep...Happy is the word for sure! I love it!

      Thank you for the visit and the comment! Hope to see you again!

      Have a beautiful day!



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