Sunday, March 24, 2013

Satin Fabric Flowers - I Did It!

My First Melted Satin Fabric Flowers!
Bonjour mon cheri!
(that's French for "Hello my darlings"!)
I'm feeling a bit Frenchy today hehe!
I am so over the moon excited today!
Looky Looky at what I made!! I did it...I did it!
(I only used four layers of satin for each flower this time, next time I'll use more
plus some tulle and lace. The one on the right looks like a magnolia flower doesn't it!?)
I finally made those flowers that you see people making
all over the place in forever! I crack up at my self, because
it seems every project that I think will be hard, ends up
being the easiest ever! Then the stuff I think might be easy,
ends up being the hardest lol! Geesh....I have wanted to
make some of these for a long while! Until now, I thought
this would be to hard or to complicated to do, just like
when I first learned to shir fabric, which I had put off
trying for two years, but once I sat down and did it, bang,
it was so stinkin easy to do and I was shirring
everything in sight. I'm such a procrastinator!
Plus with these flowers and having to use a candle to melt
the edges was like....yea me and a flame!? You're either
looking to call the fire department at worst, or here I come
emergency room at the least! The flower would end up in
the trash to boot! Just couldn't get my head wrapped around
me and fire no matter how much I envied how pretty they
were! Well now.....look out, here I am!
What really kicked me in the fanny to try it, was my
friend Carol at The Polka Dot Closet. She has a
tutorial on how to do them here. After reading her post
all the way through, I thought...girlfriend you can do this!
The flower she made for the tutorial was stunning too!
 So I sucked up some courage and determination
and did it!
Not bad for my first attempt! And I only had a couple
of small singes on a couple of the petals!
I didn't burn myself either! It got a little
toasty on the fingers a few times, so I'm
thinking maybe some tongs might help?
Now if I can figure out how to make friends
with my glue gun, I will be a happy girl!
That bugger gets me every time lol! My fingers
are scared for life!
Ok, now ya'll know I have a new photo editor so of
course I had to play with the pictures of my flowers!
Here is just a couple, few I did! :)
Using the spotlight feature.
Using the ray of sunlight feature.
A fancy focal shot.
A close up with sun glow.

A gritty shot and some other features....I forget all of them.

 All done! Thanks for coming was fun!
I used an old half slip that is way too small for me now
to make these flowers with. Recycle is good! :)
Thank you Carol for such a great tutorial!
Until next time!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!
Au Revoir! (giggling)


  1. Debi, They look fabulous!!! Thank you for the shout out...I told you they were stinking easy! Good for you for not burning your hands on the material..I have done that a few times!! Now, lets talk a bout the glue gun, I quit burning my hands when I got a "Low temp" gun...Who knew they even made those, get one and your fingers will thank you! lol!


    1. Hi Carol! Thank you so are a great teacher! It really was super easy and it was so fun watching each petal take its shape. As for the glue gun....I have one that is both a high temp and low temp....problem is the low temp spits out the glue so s....l....o....w, so I always use the high temp...and get burned way to often lol! So nice to have you visit again!


  2. Debi! These are gorgeous! I especially love the magnolia-looking one! I am going to have to check out that tutorial - how pretty! I know what you mean about glue guns. Mine just about took the finger print off my thumb the other day! Ouchies! Have fun with your new "garden" of flowers! Hugs, Leena

    1. Thank you Leena! Oh my gosh these were so fun to do! Now I am wanting to just play with this and see what other ways I can make these and pretty them up...too need to give it a try! My blisters are finally healing up from the other day making the pin cushion mason jars. I try so hard to be careful but dang it all to heck, it nails me dang near every time I use that bugger lol! Thanks for the visit sweetie...

      Love and Hugs!

  3. They look wonderful! I have made these a few times but I always burn my fingers--I think I am not patience enough or something. You inspire me to try again!

    1. Thank you Sandy! They were so fun! I think it was probably a stroke of luck I didn't burn myself hehe....gosh how nice to know I have inspired you....I hope you do give it a try again....I can't wait to see your pretties!


  4. Oh my, these are so pretty. What a creative idea. Thanks so much for following my blog, I am your newest follower also. Hugs, Marty

    1. Hi Marty! Thank you! They weren't my idea as people have been making flowers like these for a long while. I had always wanted to try making them and finally did. They are fun to do now that I got my feet wet. I love your blog and you're welcome. You are so inspiring on so many levels. Thank you for the follow on's nice to have you along! :)

      Hugs to you!

  5. Wow, great job on the flowers. I'm so happy to be following back.

    1. Hi Anita! Thank you so much for the compliment. I'm so happy to have you here and thank you for the follow. :)


  6. Hi Debi
    I stop by to say HELLO! And to see your lovely blog with your flower. Blogger is new to me, I am learning to
    be in the blog land, so much to learn. Another new adventure! Stop by & pay me a visit, when you get a change.
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