Friday, November 30, 2012

Gorgeous Vintage Victorian Christmas Ornaments

I was so excited when I came across this sweet vintage find about seven years ago from an estate sale! I couldn't resist and nabbed these babies right up! Hubby and I had always had two trees for Christmas....In the family room, we had a gorgous tree (fake though), but it is so pretty! It is covered with lights and all the branches have an acrylic like patches all over, giving it a iced look...really sparkely when the lights are on. On that tree we put gold balls, glass ornaments, and holly with berries and apple branches. We topped it off with red bows and an sweet angel on the top.
In the kitchen eat in area we had a large bay window and we would set up another tree. This tree was decorated with all the things my kids and grandkids have made through the years. It also had ornaments I have made, and many that I have collected that an elderly lady I met at a market made. They were so adorable as they were made just like what they made way way back when she was a little girl.
When I came across these I immediately thought...."I want a victorian tree too!" .... so I whipped them up! Well sadly, these little beauties have sat in a box ever since. So today I dug into all my Christmas stuff and decided it's time to let them go to someone who would love and treasure them...Victorian just doesn't go with our style of things around here anyway. So for someone who may be looking for a Victorian style might just fall in love with these.  In creams, peach, aqua, pinks, and whites. I think they are stunning! There are 154 pieces in all!!!!
 There are seven of these creamy colored ones. 
 There are six of the peachy pink bells. One is not showing was hidden in another box.
 These are so pretty! A very pretty creamy color, those dark areas are from my flash.
There are eight of these. 
 This shows the back and front of the balls. I think the lady that owned these previously,
added the gold trim and roses. Awsome addition I think! 
 These are the peachy pink ones. There are six of these.
There are five larger creamy colored ones.....
I set one of the smaller ones there so you could see the difference in size.
 There are ten peachy pink and seven aqua balls.
 These are colored glass bells.  Six aqua, four peach, and four white.

 One of the aqua bells below has a crack at the top.
 Four sweet porcelain faries. Three cream, one peach....the wings could use a bit of redo.

 Don't you just love her face!
 Three lacy Victorian fans....they are really pretty!

 There are six baskets total....two round, two square, and two oval. These are so pretty!

 Three of these to stick in your tree or planters with greenery.
 Five adorable sweet pink birds. One has the fancy tail.

 Two of these little darlings.

Four birdcages each with little tiny white porcelain birds cage is missing its bottom.
 One hand crocheted wreath.
 Aren't these cute! Pink, aqua, and gold with jingle bells.

 These all are just adorable! Never have seen these before.....made of metal like a heavy tin.

 Love these!!
 A darling little rocking horse.
 When the light hits these, it like a rainbow!
 Never have seen anything like these before.
 These are clear colored hard plastic ornaments....really pretty with the lights hitting them.

And lastly....all these teeny tiny presents!

 Well that's it....Aren't they sweet!!? And, so UNIQUE!  
Thanks for spending time with us!
Have a wonderful weekend too!
TATA Till Later!!!  :)
Love and Hugs!