Saturday, September 6, 2014

Let's Talk Fall ~ A Pretty Rustic Centerpiece

Can you believe it's Fall already!?
Makes me so sad!
Summer is my ultimate favorite season!
And...I love the most, the time I get to have
with my grandchildren. I already miss them.

I don't mind the cooler temps whenever they
might show up but, I hate that it gets dark
so much earlier. Seems there are more hours
of darkness than there is light! And for me there
is! I'm a night owl and stay up half the night then
can't get my tail out of bed until noon or so! I truly
need habits like normal people!

Well I have something fun to show you!
I was on Hometalk the other day and came
across this centerpiece and fell in love with it!

I'm really not a rustic so much kinda girl, but I do
love creating with nature, so maybe that's why it
appealed to me. Or maybe it was her pictures too.
They were pretty. Who knows, I just liked it a lot!

Well of course I had to try it. I had these vases tucked
away and decided they would work. Had the burlap,
had the paper roses from another project I did and
couldn't stop making them, had some real leaves my
little granddaughter Emma and I had collected last
year, even though the original was a paper leaf. I
had the twine, and instead of glue, I used Mod Podge
for attaching the burlap to the vases.......and
I had the candles too. My lucky day!

Well I did use the glue gun for the acorns on the leaf
and attaching the twine to the candleholders, oh and
the flowers and the stick too!

Then I went out in my yard and found the stick and
several acorns. They are already falling off the trees
all over my driveway and yard! Makes such a mess!

The only thing I didn't have was a pumpkin and
a slab of wood with bark. Well I did have some
fabric pumpkins but I wanted a real one, a white
one.....and the right size. Mine were too big.

I saw Tonya had a tutorial, but I just worked from
the pictures.....and with just a couple of small changes
and no wood slab, or pumpkin I did it! Last I set the
candles in and they are ready to decorate with.
And.....I love mine too!

This is our first monogrammed anything!
I printed the W out from Microsoft word, and
stuck it up on my kitchen window and laid my
burlap over it. Instead of painting it, I found
in the junk drawer one of those furniture
touch up pens and it was brown...the perfect
color! And it worked great!

It didn't take long to do at all and it was really fun!
And the best part...It didn't cost me a dime!
Being thankful for stash once again!

 If you love it too and want to make some then visit:
Love of Family & Home here: for Tonya's tutorial!
She even shows how to make those cute fun paper
roses! Now I'm going to find a tray for my pretties
and set them on my buffet in the dining room.

Hope this inspired you to get with the business of Fall!

Thanks for sharing your time with me!

Love and Blessings!

With Sincere Appreciation I Need to Thank
For Their Feature of My Vases

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  1. I love love the center piece. I have been having a love affair with burlap lately.

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