Friday, January 11, 2013

A Victorian Christmas in Mt. Dora, Florida

Christmas in Mount Dora, FL. is like no place we have ever seen before!
I went downtown and around a few neighborhoods so many times trying to capture the
Beauty of Christmas the way I saw it....but trying to take pictures at night was so hard!
But I'm learning slowly but surely!
Every beat of my heart made the camera move so the lights had all this zig zaggy look.
Some aren't so bad, but others I wanted to share just were horrible!
For Christmas my sweet hubby bought me a tri-pod so that the camera would be steady.
He is Such a JEM!!! And it works!
This home is just down the street from our home.
I went this evening in hopes their home would still be decorated and it was!
Here are the photos of this gorgeous Victorian home!
We have been looking at a piece of property on this lake in Mt. Dora and, if it works
out, this gorgeous home will be two houses from us! I will love being their neighbor!
Is this not just AWSOME!!! :)

 As we are driving from our house coming up to this house!
 You can tell something beautiful is ahead, because the darkness at night is so aglow!
 Front and right side shot.
Right side shot of the house.
 Close as I could get of the front door entrance.
  The Christmas tree in the formal living area in the window.
Side porch on the left....their gazebo on the right.
It even had a Christmas tree in the center of the gazebo with lights
all around the inside, and lighted garland and bows on the outside hung just
like the fence here in front of the property.
This home was on the Holiday Christmas Tour of Homes. Is it no wonder?!
You can see the lake in the distance which they also had lights on down
their dock and the ladder from the dock to the water.
The whole front of the house facing the lake was all decorated too!
 I just couldn't get good shots of that, but you could see it from the other side of the lake.
The whole place was just lit up to beat the band!!!!
The center section of this fence looks light lights are on it,
it is actually the dock and the ladder down in the water
from the shoreline to the end of the dock!
The driveway entrance to their home.
Just my SPARKLEY kind of place!
Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed this home.
It was so beautiful and I am so thankful to my hubby for getting me that tri-pod!
I was finally able to get some really great pictures using it!
I STILL have more Christmas in Mount Dora of the downtown
and the rest of the pictures of my house decorating inside
as soon as I get all the pictures edited!
Hopefully it will be before summer lol!
It just takes so much TIME!!!
TaTa Till Later!!!
Love and Hugs and Blessings!