Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finally the Final 2013 Spring Fancy Flea Pictures

Six days, Six nights, and little else, I finally made it
through the over five hundred photos I took at Lakeland's
2013 Spring Fancy Flea!! Part 3 is done and loaded!
Don't worry......I weeded out a ton of photos!
Boy is my hubby happy this is done! He is feeling very
neglected. I think he wants his wife back!
Lots of pictures here so I would grab a beverage, put your
feet up and, away we go! I hope you enjoy this fabulous
market! Then when you're done here..... visit,

Fancy Flea Part One 
Fancy Flea Part Two
Fancy Flea Part Four

if you haven't seen them yet! Lots of goodies to see!
First up is my sweet friend Lisa Bertossa with
from St. Cloud, FL. She creates the most awesome
flip-flops....and full of sparkle! She also carries jewelry,
clothing, handbags, and accessories. You will love her shop!
Don't you just love her vintage slips!! I have admired
her slips since I met her almost three years ago now.

Such pretty colors!

One is coming home with me when I go pick up
my new flip-flops! I have worn out my last pair.
I wear them all the time!

Not sure what this was but I love the door knobs!

I love this purse!!! It's like a giant change purse! Dang sun!

I love this basket!

These are my new flip-flops! Cool aren't they!

And look at the bling on these babies!
Love you Lisa! Have fun on that buying
trip....and in Atlanta! See you soon!
Now lets bump over to this nice older gentleman I met.
I can't find his info, but he has a shop up at Webster's
Market...I can't wait to visit there!
His booth was just oozing with goodies and color!
He is the one I bought the Victorian vintage photo
album from in my first post of the Fancy Flea
"Part One"  here.  Ok, Here we go!
Look at all this stuff! This booth was amazing!

I love so much of what I saw and it was extremely
hard not to just hand the guy my wallet lol!

I loved this children's table with the umbrella! this not just gorgeous!
I would so love to own this baby!

Loved this wire hanging lamp!
As soon as I went to photo this, a girl
grabbed it right up and bought it!

I just thought this too cute! A dolly size chair. And look
at that throw rug....he had several beautiful rugs there.

I just loved loved all the colors!

Gorgeous color aye!?

Even beautiful hydrangeas!
And I loved these pots....and the pretty flowers!

And who doesn't love burlap and bee's!!!!
Wow, was that fun....I wished I had had more time
just to browse! The place was packed with so much stuff!
Now let's visit my sweet friend Debbie Mangual with
which is also in St. Cloud, Florida.
Debbie is just brilliant when it comes to decorating.
Her flavors are Shabby Chic and Farm House Chic.
She also carries beautiful clothing and jewelry,
gorgeous linens, and if you love vintage.....she's got it!
This is the only picture I got of Debbie in front
of her booth. She is the one with the striped bag...
the little short girl. Her booth was one busy place!
These are the most gorgeous pink pillows ever!

Stunning picture frames!

And look at this just adorable pink lacy hanging light!

Beautiful sparkly belts....bling bling!

I couldn't resist these earrings!

This chandelier was just stunning!

Wine crates....this guy was set up next to Debbie.
He's has a booth at Rennigers in Mt. Dora.

Lovely dried roses in paper cones.

And here is the just too cute Christine Tibolla!
She works with Debbie.

Vintage pails, burlap, and daisies....SWEET!

Loved this mirror! Love the blue she painted it
with and the washes of white, and of course shabbied up!

My favorite photo!
My heart just started thumping when I saw this display!
Love it all Debbie! So nice to see you again!
Love ya girl.....see you soon!
Was her booth not just too awesome!
Are you pooped out yet!?  Well I was!
Ok, next we will be visiting this sweet older lady who
made these beautiful shelled letters. She was so excited
when I asked if I could take pictures, so I just had to
share her creations. Her name was Jody. I really thought
they were so pretty. Don't you?
Not sure if she had a business name and
she doesn't have a facebook page or website, but I do
have her number if anyone is interested in them.
Now we'll visit another booth I loved!
from Casselberry, Florida.
Some beautiful stuff I'm telling you!
This piece is just to die for gorgeous! This was from Sweden.
Oh, I almost forgot! The bottom of this sofa is a large
drawer that pulls out for storage! So flippin cool!
I loved this bed...and the wrought iron baby crib.
This little set almost got me! I love the rose on the front.
I could just be a crazy woman at this market!
Great stuff right!?
Now on across to "Shelleys Yard Art" from Babson Park,
Florida. This talented lady takes beautiful glass plates and
saucers, vases, cups, bowls, and candle holders,
and makes just beautiful pieces of art for your yard. Some can
be birdfeeders, but all would make sweet garden pretties!
They all just sparkled with the sun shining on them!
This and the one below were really tugging at my heart!
These were so cute....made to look like flowers on a stem.
Just stunning!
This would be a beautiful table piece!
Didn't mean to go on about them, but there were so
many different pieces and color combo's too!
All just beautiful!
If anyone is interested, you can email her here:
We still have a ways to go!!!.....
Now we are going to visit I believe a new vendor this Spring.
Visit their Etsy shop here:
and Facebook here:
They offer unique decor items including hand painted
tapestries, placemats and floorcloths, antiqued and
painted mirrors and glass, and gorgeous window &
wall jewelry™. You will also find a few re-styled vintage
pieces. Well come see what I saw....the booth was dark
so I hope I did their photos with some justice.
Some amazing stuff!
Her name is Heather Kildis....amazing work!

This was so you see the crystals in the design?
A raised design with crystals on this lovely bench.
I love love these bottles!
I wanted all these books! So cool!
Aren't they beautiful!
I love crowns!
This was just to die for cute!
Hand painted in pink and white, this elegant tea set is
embellished with gold leaf and glass knobs topping the lids. Embellished with genuine Swarovski Crystals, the set includes
the tray, tea pot, cream and sugar bowls.
Not to be overlooked, the tray is hand painted with a pink
and gold rose to compliment the harlequin pattern on the
tea pot and cups.
Just beautiful!
Ok....I think it is time for a commercial break!!!
It's about beds.....MINE!!!
I'll be back to finish the final Fancy Flea after a few hours
of sleep! I've been doing pictures and this post now for
19 and a half hours straight....except when I ate dinner.
I'm pooped! So the final is getting extended to a final final
post. You all are probably wore out anyway and need the I'll see you in a few hours with the rest and I
swear final post of the fantastic Fancy Flea!
We all like pictures anyway right!? :)
Well, I told ya I had taken over 500 pictures!
Thank goodness I weeded out a ton....cause it's still tons!
Pack a lunch for the next one lol....I'm kidding!
Well maybe I'm not! We'll see! Well I hope you're
enjoying's been fun bringing it to you!
Till later! XOXO


  1. Ohhhhhhhh

    It is all so lovely!! The sofa, crowns, slips and lamps....Just beautiful.

    Your photography is awesome...

    Hugs to you! Thanks so much for letting me be there <3 Love ya girl!

    1. Thank you Jackie for the compliment....I am so happy you have enjoyed all the photos. It was an amazing market and I'm so happy you felt like you were there!

      Hugs and Love to you! <3 xoxo

    2. Thanks for the visit and the comment also Jackie! It means so much! <3

  2. Gorgeous stuff, Debi! I would have wanted just about everything! : )

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pretties from the Fancy Flea was really fun and fantastic! I'm with you on wanting just about everything, I did too!

      So glad you stopped nice to see you!

      Thanks for the comment too! :)


  3. Debi~ Thank you SO much for posting all of these beautiful pics! You are an awesome photographer! Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all of the many hrs you have taken to share these with all of us! Can't wait to see the rest! LOL! ( but take your time, they are WELL worth waiting for)!
    Debbie :)

    1. Oh Debbie, thank YOU so much for the lovely compliments and your kind words! I love sharing what I love and it's so nice that others appreciate my work and sharing it or even think it's good! lol.... You have really made my heart feel good. The biggest challenge I have is trying to get people to be able to see things the way I saw them. I'm overwhelmed with all the kind words from you and others about my photo's, because to tell you the truth....I really have no idea what I am doing or how to use my camera! I'm learning, but not the way I should and that is reading the manual and watching the dvd's my hubby was so kind to get for me to encourage me in what he sees I am loving to do....and that's taking photos! It's a nice place and pretty place to get lost in when everything around me is so not happy or fun. Taking pictures is my solitude or escape to the beauty of things and places. The more I work at this, I see beauty in just about everything even a piece of wood or just depends on what you see in it or how you look at it. That's what I try to capture. It's to get one to see what they wouldn't normally. It's fun and I really love trying and trying to get it right.

      Thank you so much again for the sweet words and for visiting and your comment. You made my day! This certainly made all the time it took worth it!

      Love and Hugs!

  4. My goodness, Debi! I just keeps getting better and better! I love that aqua bench and big pink flamingo in that man's booth! So cute and funny! Really diggin' those flip flops you bought! So many wonderful items I'd have a hard time deciding what to buy - besides everything! Good thing I wasn't there and that I have no money LOL! All of the booths were set up so beautifully and there was such a variety of items! Makes my head spin! Love, love, love it! Thanks for all of your hard work putting these posts together! I am really enjoying them! Hugs, Leena

    1. I'm so happy you're enjoying it Leena! There was a ton ton ton of stuff everywhere! I wish I could have a day to be there all by myself so I could really see it all, and photograph it. It's really hard to do when it's as packed as it was! If it wasn't the fact that my main mission was enjoying all the cool stuff and taking pictures to practice photography, I would have been in serious trouble myself....I really wanted a ton of stuff and had to keep telling myself NO and just take a picture lol!

      You and so many others have made it so worth it all.....I'm really happy so many have enjoyed the pictures and posts, and came to visit!

      I hope you can get here to one of these one will love it!

      Love and Hugs girl!

  5. I just finished going through all of your FF posts...Thank you so much, great inspirations. I always go, but missed this one, I won't miss the November one!!! So thankful you took so many photo's!


    1. Omgoodness Carol Hello!!! So glad you came by......I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to make it....I kept my eye open looking for you. So happy you have enjoyed the photo's....had I had another day lol...I would have had a bazillion more! There was so many amazing things and I had a blast!

      Thank you for the visit and the makes my day!


  6. Thanks so much for all of these wonderful pics and showing my space at Mediterranea Design Studio! So great to be able to see the details of the places I was unable to visit on Saturday! Hope to see you all in November!


    1. Hi Heather! I'm so glad you found them.....I have been meaning to send you an email like I was supposed too! I told my husband to not let me forget to send the pictures to you. I told him I had you write that on your business card so I wouldn't forget, and I really didn't forget, just hadn't got there yet lol! I'm so happy you like the photos and even happier I could take you a little bit to some of the places you didn't get to go! I went to your website to learn more about you and what you do and was thrilled that I did. Wow you are quite an amazing artist! It was really a pleasure meeting you and I loved your work....I hope you will be back in the Fall....I will definately be looking for you!

      Have a great week!

  7. Debi, I just called my friend Shelley from Babson Park. I asked her if she had seen the pictures you took of her beautiful yard art. She said no. As soon as she gets home from work and feeds her hubby she will call me and I will help her find your blog. She is such a sweet person and her yard art is spectacular. She is going to love the pictures you took. I hate to be a pest but your pictures are so gorgeous and I wonder what kind of camera you use. If I ever buy a new one I want one that takes pictures like yours. I've really enjoyed your posts about the Fancy Flea...Connie

    1. Hi Connie! How cool that you know Shelley! I loved loved her yard art and now so wish I would have gotten one of her pieces...I absolutely especially loved the two with the pink dishes. I hope she will like the pictures. I try to do justice to other peoples creations.

      You are in no way being a pest. I left the information about the type of camera I use on your last comment. Maybe it isn't showing's a Nikon D50. It's about seven years old now. I also have two lenses one with a macro lense....don't ask me what that is cause I don't know. All I do know is when I switch to using it, I can really focus in on whatever I'm taking a picture of. It really captures the detail of things. I also use some filters at times....right now one has been stuck on my camera lens and I can't get it off! I'll send you an email with this info also so you'll be sure to see this info.

      Thanks for visiting and sharing this with Shelley.

      Have a great weekend!

    2. Hi Debi, Thanks for the camera info. Shelley saw your posts last night and she was thrilled and delighted with your pictures. She is like me, as vendors we don't always get to see what is for sale at the FF. I don't know how computer savy Shelley is but she mentioned she might send you a note. Thanks again...Connie


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