Saturday, July 6, 2013

Heart Vintage Design With Kitty Breed

Meet my friend, the lovely and sweet
Ms. Kitty Breed
For those of you who aren't familiar with Kitty
already, Kitty is the owner, creator, and designer
of her company, "Heart Vintage Design."
By day, she is an educator at a school in the town
of Tangerine, FL. where she lives.
When I think of Kitty, I think of her as the
burlap lady....well that is because she offers
and sells lots of burlap bags, pillows, and totes.
She also does like using "duck cloth" in some
of her creations too, but burlap is her baby!
She also loves to stencil and has quite a collection
at that! You'll find she stencils some of her burlap
bags along with her handmade pillows and totes
with some of the most amazing and creative stenciled
designs, which are also available to purchase.
I just love her stuff and I'm sure you will too!
Along with her love for burlap, you'll find she
loves to hand paint stenciled signs using mostly
old discarded wood. And not to forget, she has
a love for unique old industrial pieces too, and
and anything vintage that speaks to her heart.
You can find all of this at her booth at
Adjectives Market, her Etsy shop, or at
different markets she attends throughout
the year. I don't know how she does it all!
The following photos are from her lovely booth
at Adjectives Market.



I just love this sign and the cloths pin sign!
Now I just have to share some of
her stenciled burlap creations!
This!!!! is my absolute favorite of all!
I really really may have to have one of
these myself! It's just beautiful!
This particular one was made for a woman
who had seen another horse stencil Kitty did
and had asked to have one made for herself
as it represented a place and time close to
her heart as a child. The woman sent Kitty
this photo of Kitty's work once framed and
displayed in her home. Beautiful isn't it!!

I LOVE this beetle!

Here it is as a pillow!

The cool!

I may have to have this stenciled on
some painters drop cloth for me..luv it!
Love her birds...she has some awesome crows too!
Great for fall or Halloween!

I'm really loving some of the new stuff she is doing...
water color on an aged look.
Love Love!

and this banner is awesome!!

Looking for something for a rustic wedding!?
Kitty can hook you up...
oh and she makes signs too!

For weddings or lovers on Valentine's Day!
A few of Kitty's totes...

and some of her painted stenciled signs.

And how cool is this cutting board!
Does this girl not do some awesome stuff!?
Well now you have a pretty good idea what you can
expect to find
when you visit Kitty and Heart Vintage Design!
 Kitty's creative inspiration comes from her love of
 shabby chic, farmhouse practicality, industrial chic,
indie sensibilities, cottage charm, French Shabby and
Paris Apartment to name a few. You'll love her art
and creations I promise!
If you're local, she has a booth at Adjectives Market,
1215 East Altamonte Altamont Springs, Florida.
or you can shop her Etsy store "Here"
Find and "Like" her Facebook page "Here"
to keep update on what Kitty is doing.
for more news with what is happening,
visit Heart Vintage Design's blog "Here"
Kitty also does custom work. Be sure to visit
her, and tell her Debi sent you! :)
Well that's it! She is just one talented gal!
Hope you enjoyed your visit...and as always
thanks for spending your time with me!
TaTa for now!
Love, hugs, and blessings!
All photo's courtsey of
Heart Vintage Design


  1. Your blog is wonderful. I'm happy to found you! I'm your newest follower!

    Hava a great weekend!

    1. Hi Monica and welcome to the Cottage! Lovely to meet you....thank you for the compliment on my blog and so happy you enjoyed your visit here. And....thank you so much for the follow and's very much appreciated!

      I went to visit your blog and oh I am definately going to have to carved out a couple of hours to see it it!

      Wishing you a lovely weekend and hope to see you here again!


  2. Wow, Debi, great post and what a nice thing to wake up to on an overcast Saturday morning : )

    1. Thank you Kitty....I'm glad you enjoyed it. Happy to have given you something nice to wake up to this morning. One of these days after your hubby is better I need to get with you about some things I would love to have you make for me. I love your work and your creations to pieces!

      Have a nice weekend! Hope your hubby is coming along well with his healing!


  3. Beautiful stuff-- and her prices are really reasonable! Thanks for sharing, :)

    1. Hi Sandy! Lovely to see you! Kitty's stuff is beautiful and I was so happy to feature her and Heart Vintage Designs. She really is a very talented lady! I love darn near everything she does as you can tell by all the pictures lol. Thanks for the visit and the comment! I need to jump over and catch up with what you have been doing...been so busy with so many different directions here lately, and it makes it so hard to find time to visit all my friends! I need 48 hours in a day lol or maybe 72 would be better lol! Anyway I'm so pleased you spent some time here today! :)

      Have a wonderful weekend!

      Love and Hugs!

  4. I love her designs...I am with you, I have no idea how she does all that she does!! PS: I see you are writing lovely replies here, but no one can see your replies unless they come back and check here, under the comments in your blog. That little reply thing is kind of confusing!


    1. Hi Carol!!!! So nice to have you stop by! Yes Kitty is amazing! You know I see on other blogs that you can click a button to let the person who left a comment know if their comment had a response and also they can be informed of other comments...I wish I knew how to set mine up to do that. I don't want people to think I don't appreciate their comments. Still lots to learn in this blogging world for sure! Thanks for visiting you sweet lady you!


  5. We love Kitty! So sweet of you to highlight her awesome creativity!

    1. Hello Denise!! So nice to see you visit! I'm sure Kitty appreciates that and I do too! It was my pleasure to do it. I need to do you too! :)

      Thanks for spending your time here and thank you for the comment!


  6. Hi Debi: I am really liking what I see here on your blog. Thank you for visiting mine and following. Now I shall follow yours. Blogging is so amazing with all the wonderful sharing and inspiration. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy to see you here. Thank you for the follow and really look forward to sharing and my visits to your blog again. Blogging is really fun. I meet so many wonderful people and get so inspired with so much cool stuff people do. Hope you'll visit again and that you will always like what you see here....that was nice to read. :)

      Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Hi Debbie, I thought I'd share a link to the story of the white horse. Here it is

    1. Hi Kitty!.....thank you for putting that link here.....I read that story and loved it! Hopefully some readers will find it interesting too. I love that white horse you did! I'm sure the lady you created that for is taken back to a sweet time of her childhood every time she looks at it. A place we all love to go when we need a feel good moment to reflect upon....I wish I had something like that of those times in my childhood. I need a up to it!? :)

      A lovely weekend to you!


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