Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Fancy Flea Part 4 - Thats It Till Fall!

Well ya'll this is it! Really!
I got pretty picture happy this time didn't I?
It truly was an awesome market!
I certainly got lots of practice taking pictures!
It's just awful when you love so much!
It's just amazing how big this market is getting, and
I'm really happy I can share it all with you! Especially
to my friends who couldn't make it and lived so far away.
So let's get going on the last leg of this long journey!
This is my friend Denise Haines with
from Clermont, FL., posing with her sweet sister who
always gives her a hand. Aren't they just so cute in their
ruffled crinolines! If your in or near her area, she has
shops at Adjectives Market in Altamonte Springs,
(awesome place for goodies and treasures), Traditions
Antique Mall in Wildwood, and Tres Chic Boutique in
Clermont. She's a busy lady but has awesome items to offer!
Hi Denise!!!! Looking good girl!
I missed finding a few other of my friends there darn it!
It was just so packed and busy, and so big this year!
Ok we are back to strolling along and enjoying this
beautiful day filled with tons of eye candy, inspiration,
creativeness, treasures galore, and friends!
This piece was so beautiful! I sat and stared at this for
some time! This was an angel paper transfer onto old wood.
It looked like part of a privacy fence maybe. Just gorgeous!
I wonder how much it was, I never even looked!
Another beauty at the same booth! Loved them both!
I loved this display can you tell.....
and look at that sweet little bird! I love birds!
This was an amazing piece...I bet it weighed a ton!
I love chicken and roosters's the country girl in me!
Rustic and country always gets my heart to beating!
Thought this was a neat way to display those
old kitchen utensils. Just Cute!
Love old shutters and using them like this!
Another beautiful frame! If I bought all the frames I fell
in love with, I would need another house to put them in!
They were just everywhere and in so many colors too!
This was so pretty!
Look at the detail of the front in the photo below!
It's so beautiful! Would have loved this piece!
This is for my friend Sharon Reed in Michigan....
she loves old bikes and wants to get one so bad!
She needs to get her tail down here lol!
I so would have loved to take this home!
There was just tons of gorgeous painted vintage pieces
of furniture all over this market! I think I loved them all!
This piece was covered in this delicious fabric and edged
with furniture tacks. It was a sweet table....really pretty.
Beautiful pillows! If you love roses, there was a ton of things
to choose from in just about anything you could want!
I went weak at the knees when I saw this pair of lamps!
You don't know how bad I wanted this beautiful old chair!
It was stunning! I truly think if I had had a million dollars
to blow, haha, I would have spent every last penny!
Then I would have to buy a huge building to put it all, so
I could look at it whenever I wanted too! I don't need
anything, but I just liked it all!
(Update.....I found out this gorgeous nightstand belonged to...
"The Sassy Sparrow.") 
I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little bird....
I love birds!
It was calling my name but I knew if I came home with
one more bird, hubby would probably have popped me
one! I have many! But shoot what's one more or 20!
Beautiful mixed media art in this booth! Loved the crosses!
You can certainly find old chandeliers at this market....
in so many shapes and colors too! Loved the color of
this one and all it's sparkle! I love sparkly! :)
Gorgeous booth here....lots of burlap creations!
And.....I loved Loved this chair!
This booth was packed with people!
Totally loved this bench with the antique iron
headboard back and all the burlap!
This thing here just freaked me out at first! I was trying to get out of the mass crowd on Lemon St., so I went between two booths to get to the sidewalk. There was this big bag laying right in the middle of the sidewalk, so I went to go around it and happened to look down, and these big eyes were staring right up at me! It was a mannequin with her head laying next to her body, but my mind instantly envisioned a dead body in the bag lol! Hubby so needs to stop making me watch those shoot em up bang bang television shows he loves to watch! This thing was so creepy lol! It's probably beautiful out of the bag and all put together, but geeze Louise, it just gave me the creeps....and a yucky feeling inside! Couldn't believe my mind went to where it went when I saw this! Weird!
Love these, and I have lots of pots that I have wanted to
do something like this of these days I might get
there, along with all my other want to do's.
This list is LONG!  :)
Toss and Found's booth where I bought my
beautiful pillow, necklaces, and key chain.
Loved about everything in her booth!
Those coffee filter banners she had in the picture
below were flying out of there when I was in there.
Those were popular!
I'm not real sure but I think this was a booth offering consignment clothing. They had just oodles of kids clothing and I just loved what they did to them....each piece had been embellished in some way, but my favorites were the ones with the paper doll images....just way to cute and such a great idea! It certainly seemed others loved it too, that booth was packed to the hilt, and with lots of buyers!
This little bench had the cutest saying!
I just had to share it, because this is exactly how
I feel about all of you!
My friends are the chocolate chips of my life,
and ya'll are just as sweet as can be!!! :)
Cookies too!
(update....this sweet stool belonged to "Shabby for Sure"
from Lake Wales FL. I couldn't find her on FB, but here
is her blog....Shabby For Sure.)
Well that's it for this Fancy Flea! It was an awesome
day and just full of so much stuff it made your eyes swim!
If you didn't make this one, maybe
you can make the one in the Fall!
If not, I will have my trusty camera in action for you!
I've heard the Fall one will be November 3rd, so mark it on your calender. I hope you had fun and if you didn't see parts 1, 2, and 3, of the Fancy Flea, and you like pictures, you can find them here at these links below!
Can you tell I love taking pictures yet!? :)
I was there all day....what's a girl suppose to do!
Taking pictures was much safer, or I would have
gone broke buying up everything I loved!
Have a wonderful weekend....and as always,
I love your visits and thanks for coming along!
TaTa till another day!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Kitty :) Lovely to see you and thank you for the comment!


  2. What a wonderful market. I could have shopped 'til I dropped!
    btw...the table you referred to that is covered in fabric, edged with furniture tacks is really a Martha Washington sewing cabinet. The ends open up and are as deep as the piece. I have my Mom's. I have been thinking of gussing it up a bit.
    Really enjoyed this!!!
    ♥ Jil

    1. Yes it was a great market...the best yet! Thanks for the info on the table/cabinet. Man I don't think I could have done that to it now lol. I have such a hard time changing the natural look of somethings so old. But this was pretty!

      Had I had the money to just blow, I would have needed a semi to get it all home lol!

      Happy you enjoyed all the pictures. It was fun doing this.

      Thank you for the visit and the comment :)

      Have a nice week!

  3. Wow, that is a crazy flea it all! I think that my favorite is the angel fence piece...just amazing!!!

    1. Yes it was crazy! I couldn't believe all the people this time! I didn't even see have the booths cause it was so packed! Major great stuff and tons of it everywhere! I loved it all too, what I saw anyway!

      I was totally mesmerized by that angel! It was stunning! I would so love to have that piece!

      Thank you for the visit and comment! Lets do it again in Nov.! :)

      Have a great week!

  4. Hi, I saw a couple of my things in this post. One of them was the chocolate chip stool. I have enjoyed all your Fancy Flea posts. Thanks so much for sharing...Connie

    1. Hi Connie! So nice to see you here! Thank you for letting me know that was your little stool! It was just darling and I loved the saying. I will make a note of that on the blog. :)

      I'm so happy you enjoyed all the posts. I enjoyed doing it and love taking pictures too....could you tell!? :)

      I remember your booth now that I saw your pictures on your blog. What a day! What amazing stuff! Every vendor deserves applause! The market was awesome!

      Thank you for the visit and for the comment! So nice to meet you!

      Hopefully we'll see you in the Fall! :)


  5. I loved being a first time vendor of the Fancy Flea, but hated to miss out seeing all the fabulous things at various booths. Thank you so much for the pictures that I have been able to drool over for hours! What a great venue and I cannot wait till November! I do see a photo from my space - the "Paris" nightstand above the adorable blue bird!

    1. Hi Carolyn....that is one of the reasons I haven't done a booth although it would be fun, but I love to see it all lol and take pictures, and shop!

      I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed all the sure was fun taking them! It truly is an amazing market and I for one just love it!

      Thank you for letting me know that was your night was so pretty! I added your name on the post...didn't know if you had a FB page or blog and I couldn't find anything.

      Thank you so much for the visit and the comment. Hope to see you again!

      Maybe I'll catch you at the next Fancy Flea!


  6. Wonderful photos of the Fancy Flea! Thanks for sharing, Debi, I couldn't make it to this one and have enjoyed strolling vicariously through your photos and descriptions. Hope to make it in November!

    1. Thank you Gail :) .....It was a fabulous market this time.....hope you make it in the Fall! :)

      Thank you for the visit and comment!



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