Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Fancy Flea Vintage Home and Garden Market in Lakeland, Florida - Wowzers!

The 2013 Spring Fancy Flea!.... Part One!
What a day! What fun! Awesome stuff! Amazing Market!
I tried to get a photo of what I saw ahead of me
entering into the Fancy Flea. I could see way down the
street and what I saw was the tops of alot of booths,
but also nothing but people shoulder to shoulder for a
couple of blocks down!
The arrow in the picture shows nothing
but people's heads way down the road! And,
everything in between me and that arrow is people!
This place was packed like I have never seen before!
There were just hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS
of people everywhere you looked. It was so hard to get
anywhere or to see anything lol! And taking pictures was
even tougher to do! But I got some! So lets see how they
turned out so I can share the most amazing market EVER!
Well I knew right off it was going to be a great market....
it always is! But when I saw this as I was entering the
Fancy Flee from North Kentucky Ave, because the
only parking was a couple of blocks away, I knew this really
Really was going to be the best yet! No one has ever had
a booth like this one before! Totally awesome!
Don't you just love the eyelash tail lights!
Blue Betty came all the way from Tennessee! She had a tent set
up in front of her little trailer here on the right. You could even
go in and take a browse on the inside. Isn't this just CUTE!
To the right of Blue Betty as I was entering was the fabulous
ever popular "Poor Porker of Lakeland in their ever so
adorable booth made of junk and on wheels, and serving their
awesome best around town fried dough - Beignet's!
As Jarrid says, "Their fluffy like little pillows of fried JOY!"
Follow their blog and watch the video of owners Jarrid Masse and Robyn Wilson's amazing success story here:  The Poor Porker!
Another sweet video of the two of them here:
Just goes to show what desperation, determination, hard work, a never give up attitude, and where a dream can take you! :)
Visit their Lakeland Curbside Market Saturday's. People line up to taste the incredible beignets and to join in community and conversation. What an inspiration!
Ok, lets get on to the Fancy Flea!!!!
The first block was filled with vendors offering fruits,
veggies, breads, plants, and flowers! More than ever before!
I felt they really needed recognition too....they work just
as hard as everyone else! Plus....there was some awesome
buys and great prices too! Hope you got some of these goodies!
Egg Plant and Green Peppers
Red and Green Bell Peppers
I never knew that brussel sprouts grew like this! Cool!
Peppers, Acorn Squash, and Pinapple in the back.
It all looks so yummy! I love veggies and fruit!
Watermelon, pineapple, pears, apples, strawberries, kiwi,
and much more!
Squash, radishes, turnips, broccoli, beans, rutabaga's,
potatoes, corn, asparagus, and so much more!
Different varieties of fresh baked breads!
I think that guy sitting at the table back there must
have dropped in from the "Blues Brothers" hehe.
There were other plant vendors too, and I feel bad I didn't
take photo's of their booths, but I love Orchids so this booth
really caught my attention! So Pretty!
What would we do without our farmers! They work around
the clock, fighting many obstacles to bring us fresh foods,
and beautiful flowers and plants to surround our lives
with pretty, and make us smile! God love em!
If you want to see the photo's in a larger view, just right
click on the photo and open in a new window, and wala!
Now I want to share a few goodies I found that came home
with me! Then we will go on to part two of all the pictures!
I have over 500 photos, so going through to pick the ones
that came out decent enough to share and tone it down a
bit, or I'll be doing this for a month lol!
Here are my treasures!
There was a bazillion more things I would have
loved to have, but my word for the day was.....
Constraint! I HAD to have constraint!
Blocks made out of wood from old pallets, aged painted,
and lettered. These are from my friend Terrie Ireland
with "Chic to Antique". Her booth was just amazing!
I have pictures coming up later of all her goodies!
I scored this fabulous pillow from Tossed and Found! This booth
owned by Diane Mikkelson was just packed with the most awesome
treasures. What creative talent this lady has! Loved everything!
I couldn't resist it! Look at all the details on this pillow!
I'm pretty sure it was made from a painters drop cloth.
This cabinet handle is on the top of the pillow! In the photo above
it was hidden by all the pretty ruffled sage green ribbon.
I just love the sparkly buckle with the pretty lace!
And look at the latch! When you undo it there is an opening
to where you can remove the pillow form. How cool is that!
Love the skeleton key and the pretty ribbon it's tied to.
How cool is this metal piece with it's vintage clock face!
And the charming vintage bottle with it's pink pearls
inside and tied on with velvet ribbon.
Even a metal house number....three is one of my lucky
numbers too! See this pillow was meant just for me!
Gorgeous Venice lace and this pretty sparkly chandelier prism!
I love again this was meant just for me!!
And lastly, tucked inside the front pocket was
this sweet vintage post card from 1909!!
Don't you just love the flag stamp posted on it!? I crack up when
I see these old cards.....look how they are addressed! When you
see how we have to address cards today, I wonder how these old
ones ever got to their recipient! And....a one cent stamp!!!? We
could only wish to pay that for postage again!
Isn't this pillow just awesome!
These awesome necklaces were also from Tossed and Found!
Are these not so gorgeous!!!? I couldn't resist on these!
I loved this lady's packaging too....very cool!
A Tossed and Found key chain with my no
one can say this wasn't meant for me! It's hard to tell
but in the bottom bunch of pearls there is one rhinestone....
sparkly again!

This is the back of the key chain....and it's pink....I love pink!
So all the way around this was truly meant for me!
I totally blew all my restraint in this booth! :)
This was my absolute favorite find of all! It's a
Victorian era photo album. The cover and back
is a hard shiny like cover with this gorgeous picture
on it! Isn't it just to die for beautiful!!?
A metal closure with engraved flowers on
the front and back section.
A close up of it.
All four corners have this metal decorative filigree. Love it!
It's pretty tattered on the side which had some tapestry fabric.
I'm going to try to find a piece as similar as possible to
replace it. Hope I can do it justice with the repair.
The pages inside are all a thick cardboard with these pretty
decorative paper coverings for the photos. I'm going to put
mine and Jacks wedding photos in this....and do them all
in black and white, and sepia. I think it will look nice.
There were three different large page designs around the
photo inserts......see the birds? I love birds too!
This was the other design and this was the only photo in the album.
I wonder who she was....I wonder how old this photo might be.
This is the back of the album...kinda beat up but I think
it is just beautiful! Really not bad for as old as it is.
Ok....this is it for today! Tomorrow....or geeezzz it already
is tomorrow lol....but I will do part two of the Fancy Flea
with lots of pretty things I saw along the way.
This post is long enough and I am pooped!
Goodnight....or I guess I should say Good Morning!
As always....thank you for the visit!
Hope to see you again!
See the Fancy Flea
Part 2 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. It looks like it was a beautiful day, Debi! Lots of great things to see and I'm sure it was even nice to just walk around looking at all the goodies.

    1. Hi Kathy! It was a gorgeous day....a little cool starting out but really warm later in the day....I even got sunburned! I was there for seven hours and still didn't see it all! There was just so much to look at and it was packed! I'm still working on pictures! I took tons! Thank you so much for the visit and the comment! You made my day!


  2. Debi,

    Your pictures of the Fancy Flea are fabulous. What a wonderful day it was, I could not believe how the show keeps growing and growing.

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for the compliment....I love taking pictures and this market is a taking picture heaven lol! It was a great day and I could have spent a couple more days there if they had it more days! It was awesome! Thank you so much for the visit and the comment! I'm so happy you're enjoying it all!


  3. I'm glad you explained what that arrow was for. I thought it was directing me to the porta potties! LOL! Wowzers is right! I can't believe all the people there and I'm sure your other photos will show even more! LOVE what you bought! That pillow is outrageous! How much more creativity could you jam into one piece? I love it! The way it opens with an actual latch is genius! Love the necklaces and key chain too! SO, so pretty! #3 is one of my lucky numbers too! Cool! What a beautiful photo album! Have you looked at the back of the photo to see if anything is written on it? There might be the woman's name or a date or something. I liked reading the old postcard from your pillow too - so sweet! I could tell from the excitement in your voice the other day that this was one spectacular show! So glad that you got to go and had such a great time! Looking forward to seeing the other photos! Fun, fun, FUN!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Leena

    1. LOL Leena....that was too funny! No porta potties anywhere that I saw lol....just the local shops for that! I love my pillow and yes it was just packed with creativity! I did look at the back of the photo when I finally made it home, but there was nothing durn it. I did have the bestest time that I've had in a long time....and it's been so fun putting it all together to share with everyone, especially those who couldn't make it. I could have probably done six or seven posts on this with all the amazing things I got pictures of but I didn't want to burn everyone know they say less is more....not sure that is true with this market though lol! More is better hehe! So glad you are enjoying it all! Thanks for the visit girl and the comments! It's fun! You need to try to get here for the Fall will be so worth it!

      Have a good one!

      Love and hugs!


Thank you so much for the visit and your kind and lovely comments! Please come back and visit again! Have a blessed day!