Monday, April 8, 2013

2013 Spring Fancy Flea Market - Lakeland, Florida Photos Part Two

More Photo's, More Fun, More Fabulous!
Here's what I got done so far today! I was hoping to weed
out a ton of the photo's, but I like them the second time
around too! I'll be back later with round part three!
Ya'll will probably get tired of all this!
I'm taking a break for awhile! Enjoy!

Lots of pretty wreaths in this booth made of paper and burlap!

I loved the pink and the door knob on this piece!

This piece was beautiful and the mosaic on top was stunning!
I thought anyway...
the drawer pulls on this were carved wooden roses.
I loved this to pieces!

Isn't this gorgeous!!!!?? Love that center piece and the
colors are so pretty together! Great work!

Loved all these mirrors and look at the detail on them....
the colors are awesome! Shabby Chic is still so popular
but color is getting huge......there was beautiful colored
furniture and accessories everywhere. I really like it alot...
nice change from all white!

Sure wished I had paid more attention to this tall white cabinet!
I have been wanting something like this forever! I don't know
how I see but don't see so much when I'm taking photo's lol!
I wish I knew who's booth this was too...who knows maybe I do
and just don't realize or remember! I want that cabinet!
(Update....this cabinet belonged to
Kim Hancock with
Simple Vintage in Lakeland, FL.)

I loved these chairs, so chippy and in aqua, pink, white, and grey.
They looked like an artists pallet! Those sold right off!

Love this chair too! Loved all the carved detail in it.

Next several pictures are the French Market...there were
two ladies together in this booth but I don't remember the
name of the other business in here....I'm so sorry if you see this!
Loved this booth!!! So much great stuff!

I would love to have the laces that were used on this mannequin!
Some gorgeous pieces were used on this!

Love this too! Sold right off also!

I love love vintage baby shoes....can't believe I didn't grab
those up to add to my collection! I could have lost my head
so durn easy in this booth!

I loved loved this bench and the burlap bags they had!
Below is my friend Terrie Ireland's booth....Chic to Antique
So much amazing stuff! I got my painted lettered blocks
from her that spell out'll see all the blocks
further down. This girl is amazing and her hubby builds
alot of this stuff for her....lucky girl...and he is so talented!

Isn't that scrolly piece beautiful!

Lots of painted metal....loved it all! I think I dang near
fell in love with everything! It was so hard not to buy
myself silly here!

The blocks on the top shelf spell out Fancy Flea!
Love the colors she painted these with!
I could live in her booth lol!

I so would have loved to take this door home with me!
Had I had a man with would of in a heart beat!
Even had the metal mail slot!

Her hubby made this's really green and black but the sun drowned out the green! If I ever get my market opened I'm either buying this one or she said her hubby would make me one! So nice to have friends! That's Terrie on the left in the white top!
Hi Terrie!! {{{waving}}}

This little lamp was so cute!!! Can't believe I
didn't snatch this up too! Green is my favorite color!
Well and pink, lavender, yellow, aqua, blue, red, black,
taupe, brown, and who knows how many others hehe!

I bought a whole full size bed spring right before
Christmas at Rennigers to get three springs I needed to
make Christmas tree decorations with. Well I didn't ever get
them made, but now I have EIGHTY of these suckers in a
trash can in the garage! I can do this with some of them the colors!
Maybe I can get rid of some of them that way!

The pile of wood blocks I went through to get mine that spell "Vintage."
I love my blocks!
All my favorite colors too!
These are made from the wood slates on old pallets.

That pink door again that I love!

Terrie's hubby made this cabinet using shutters
and look at all the detail in it.

Isn't this lamp so cute!!!
I wished I would have brought that home with me too!
The end for Chic to Antique!

Love boxes like these!

This gorgeous wall hanging was in Robyn Story Designs Booth!
Is this not AWESOME!!! Wished I could have gotten a better
shot but her booth was packed!

This gorgeous thing is a bench....This was to die for gorgeous!
I love how they did the design on the back....I would so love that!

OMGosh!!! This was so flippin cool! I love mannequins!
The top was wrapped in burlap, with beautiful large music
sheet pretty!
The skirt is made of very wide brown paper that has been
gathered in pleats around the waist! On the back was this
huge beautiful set of feathered angel wings!
So flippin cool isn't it!!!? I LOVED IT!
This was sitting outside the booth of Tossed and Found
where I bought my pillow and necklaces, and key chain.
What a beauty!!!
Well that's it in photo's for now! Still have a ton!
So much more fabulous stuff to see!
I think I get crazy with the camera lol!
Oh but just wait till you see all the rest of the even more
awsome stuff I have to share with you!
I need a break for awhile....been sitting in this chair
for eight stinkin hours. I'm stiff and hungry!
I'll be back later after I move around a bit!
Well we have made it maybe half way down
Kentucky Ave. just on one side now....
We still have the other side, Lemon St. and Munn
Park yet to travel! Are you tired yet! :)
Thanks for visiting! Hope you're enjoying the Fancy Flea
through pictures! Gosh there was so much talent and awsome
stuff there! I already can't wait till the fall show!
See the Fancy Flea
Part 1 here
Part 3 here
Part 4 here
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. Oh...thank you I felt like I was there. I do believe Geanie got the first chair (velvet seat)....Everything is amazing!

    1. You're most welcome Ms. Jackie! Everything WAS amazing! We'll get you here one way or another girl! Thanks for the visit and comment....and so happy you've been able to enjoy it from afar. At least I know I'm doing something right! Thanks again!


  2. Great pictures, Debi! I would have been under visual overload if I was there. So many beautiful things! I love that paper wreath in the beginning of your post, as well as a lot of the other items.

    1. Thank you Kathy! I know what you mean because I was certainly on visual overload myself lol! It was heaven for taking pictures....I just keep snapping and was like I couldn't stop! That girls wreath was stunning and you should have seen all the other ones she had....I could have take pics of her whole booth lol! Thanks so much for the visit and the comment. I appreciate it very much!


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Kitty! I'm so sorry I didn't see were at the top of my list for finding durn it! That place was just was hard to find or even see so much of it!

      Thank you for the visit and the comment! We got to hook up soon!


  4. Great photos Debi! What an awesome show, I want to go again and again. It was nice seeing you again. Can't wait to see more...

    1. Thank you Karen Sue! It was most definately an awsome show....I think it was the best yet! It was nice seeing you too and I'm really happy you are enjoying the pictures....I had a blast taking them! I can't wait till the Fall show!

      Thank you for the visit and the comment!


  5. Oh boy--saw a bunch of stuff I would have wanted! :) Good thing for my budget I wasn't there :)

  6. I'm dyin' here! Are you kidding me? Look at all that gorgeous wonderful stuff!!!! Oh My Gosh! That pink door is to die for and that white cabinet? You really should make them have this for 2 days so you can go on the first day, look at it all, take pics, then go back the second day to buy what you see if your pics that you didn't buy the first day LOL! Man, we would have been dragging the entire show down the street to the car! That mosaic topped piece is so beautiful and I'm really digging all the aquas and pinks and greys with the whites and tans - aaaaacccckkkkkk!!!! Why don't I live in Florida???? Ok, I'm better now.....until Round Three ;) I'll look at that one tomorrow. I need to get to sleep and prepare for it LOL! Great pics Debi! Hugs, Leena

    1. I know Leena! I was dying there lol! I wish they would have this for two days....I think I would just camp out there hehe! Thank you for the compliments on the pics and so really happy you are enjoying the amazing market. You need to move here girl!!!

      Thanks for the visit and comments and following the journey here. It was just so awesome!

      Hugs and Love!

  7. OMG, I went too & loved all of the things you have pictured here! I wanted the pink door SO badly, but couldn't have dragged it to my car! do you know if it sold? ( still wanting it badly)!! Is Chic to Antique local to Lakeland? LOL! Don't you just hate it when you can't figure how to get something you really want? your pics are great! Loved the mannequin too ( & everything else)! The Tossed & Found vendor said her daughter made the paper mannequin & that she has a shop in Wisconsin, but I didnt get the name! The only complaint we had was that it was so crowded ~ but that's great for the vendors & will keep them coming back! Thanks for the great post, look forward to seeing more ( so I can remember what else I didn't get that I now wish I had!! LOL!
    Debbie :)

    1. Hi Debbie! That door was pretty cool! I don't know if it sold or not...she did say she sold all her big pieces except for that aqua cabinet with the reds in it, so not sure if that included the door or not. Go to her page and send her a message to ask. Chic to Anituqe is out of Titusville, the post I put a link to her page on FB. That mannequin was totally awesome! Tossed and Found had a gorgeous booth just packed with awesome things....I couldn't get out of that booth and by the time I did, I had dropped a bundle lol! Yes it was more crowded than I think any of the's really growing and getting attention nationally which is great for the vendors.....I heard most did really really well...that's good! It will keep them coming back to with more and more goodies!

      Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad you are getting to enjoy it all over again....I know I am! :) Maybe next time we might bump into each other! Thanks for the visit and the lovely comment!


  8. oh!!! I really enjoy all those photos!!! thanks! would of loved to be there!

    1. Hi Stefanie! So nice to see you....thank you for the visit and the comment! So happy you're enjoying the photo's! I had fun taking them for every one to see. Maybe you can make the next's certainly one worth going to where ever you are!


  9. OMG! What a fabulous place this Fancy Flea Market is! Just wish I lived closer! But a dear friend went, saw the flea, and told me to check out your blog. I did, and I have you bookmarked! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Judy! I'm so happy you are enjoying it all. Tell your friend I said thank you for sending you here. It was a great great market but it always is. It is just getting bigger and bigger and better and better! Thank you for the visit and comment and for the bookmark! I really enjoy doing this and sharing. It was so fun! I will definately be there in the Fall taking tons of photos then too!

      Have a great day!

  10. Oh thank you thank you for sharing pictures. I have not seen any yet? These were just loaded with ideas and junk candy!! I drooled over every picture and felt so bad I did not go...November, I will be there!!!


    1. Hi Carol!! You are so welcome! That's the best part for me is taking pictures, seeing friends, and making new finding some treasures for myself lol! It certainly was a place for inspiration that's for sure! So happy you have enjoyed the show through here....makes me feel good I could share it with those who weren't able to make sorry you couldn't make it, I was looking forward to seeing you, if that would have even been possible lol! It was packed! Hopefully we'll see you in the Fall.....I so can't wait!

      Thank you for the visit and the comment! I love seeing you!

      Hugs and Love!


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