Sunday, April 14, 2013

Old Glass Bottles Made Pretty and Useful

Creating with my glass bottle stash!
I saw this cool idea on Pinterest one evening and I
really liked it! It said on the picture it was a tutorial,
but when I clicked onto the site it came from, Pinterest
wouldn't let it go through saying the page had a security
issue. Well it looked easy enough to do without the
tutorial so I decided I could wing it!
I have a large stash of glass bottles, and I love things
with twine on them. I also love working with paper
and using lace on things.
Heck, I love doing and trying anything at least once
and if it speaks to me.....we roll!
So.............I bounced up out of my chair, grabbed what
I needed to make one, looked at the picture one more
time, and dug in. Once I was done I decided I wanted a
top for the bottle. So I took the twine with my trusty
Modge Podge and starting wrapping the twine around
and around. I stuck the bottom of the wrapped twine
in the top of the bottle before it totally dried to make
sure it would sit inside the bottle. Then I kept wrapping
a little wider to give it a lip so it wouldn't sink in and....
wala....a bottle cap! I cut the twine long so I could tie
it to the bottle so it wouldn't get lost if it were to fall
off, added a little pearl in the top and it was done!
The cap actually kind of looks like a
tiny birds nest with an egg in it...
I liked that!

This was the first time I had made this type of paper flowers.
Omgosh are they fun!
This is the tutorial for the flowers I used here.
Just draw circles on paper, which for these I used
old book pages, and then cut the circles out on the
circle line you drew, then roll the paper.
After I finished the bottle I couldn't help but
keep making these flowers!
Had a bunch when I finally tired of doing them lol!

Two of the paper flowers have pearl
centers and one has a rhinestone.
I had to have a little sparkly ya know! :)

So this was mine all done!
This was theirs..................
Not bad and I love it!
Now I got two more to make to make a trio set.
I'll make each of those a little bit different and
with different laces. This is easy peasy and fun!
Always pays to keep the garbage! :)
P.S. I tried to get to the tutorial for this diy idea
and the site owner must have fixed the issue
because you can now access the site. But!...
it's in French! You can always do go to google
translate, copy paste the words, and it will
translate it to English for you....but you really
shouldn't need to do's pretty easy to
figure it out on your own.
TaTa till later!
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  1. Love your twine-y bottle! It looks like it could be used in lots of different vignettes with its pretty flowers, lace and embellishments. You did a good job of copying the look you liked without even having directions.


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