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The Pink Princess Parfait Collection ~ Vintage Chenille Pumpkins

A Weekend With A Princess And Making Pumpkins!
 Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well!
It's been a busy two weeks here at the Willhoite
Manor as my hubby calls it. I have been up to my
neck making all the pumpkins I have wanted to make
for the last two  years or better! I've made a huge
dent in that list finally! Well, not really. I love
pumpkins and as I am making them I get more ideas
that I want to make them with and how I want to make
them so as my list is getting knocked off, more ideas
are being added! Brother! 
I have NO idea what I am going to do with all of
these pumpkins, but I did have fun making them all!
I thought this last weekend would be a break from it,
but my little granddaughter Miss Emma came to
visit us this weekend....And guess what she wanted
to make after she saw all my pumpkins!?
Like a good grandma I was all in!
Ms. Emma will be seven next month and we hadn't
had a just us girls time without her brothers and boy
cousins in quite some time. So this weekend she wanted
to do some crafting and of course some shopping. And
let me tell you, this little six year old who is major girly,
and quite the princess to boot, knows how to SHOP!
I have to keep reminding myself that she is only six
not twenty something! I have to remind her of that too!
She has three older brothers and she can be tough
as nails when situations arise with those boys,
and she can knock the tar out of anyone who messes
with her. But she does it all with class! She generally
always has her nails polished....toes too, her high
heels or moms on. (When she is here, every pair of
shoes I own are dragged out.) She always has her
jewelry on and is quite the fashion statement in the
clothing department. And her hair....well it always
has to be done in some fashion or other too. And lets
not forget the make up! She is quite the Ms. Priss!
But don't be fooled by this tiny thing of a little girl!
She can hold her own! I can only imagine what she
is going to be like when she is a teenager! I tell my
daughter all the time that she is in for a real treat
with this child! She is much like her mother was
when she was little. God help us!
One of her favorite colors is guess what? Yes, it
would be pink! I brought out several fabrics and
lots of chenille when I started on my pumpkin
binge so lucky for her, grandma had several
different pretty pink vintage chenille bedspreads
out. Of course that was the pile Emma went to first.
She wanted to make princess pumpkins! Being just
like her grandma, she wanted to deck her pumpkins
out with bling too. Us girls love our sparkly!
We went to get all my bling for crafts box, when she
spied a white feather boa. She loves feathery fluffy
stuff so she insisted on using the feathers on our
pumpkins too.  Feathers, bling, and pink! I think
 I see  her vision and now we are on a roll!
As we got started we also got hungry so we made
some fruit and granola parfaits and sat down to the
task of creating our pumpkins. I showed her how to
make them with no sewing involved, and no needles
or thread. Her little hands had a hard time gathering
all the fabric up so I had to help in that area, and with
the glue gun. We cut out several circles from different
designed chenille's, laid handfuls of pillow stuffing
in the middle of the circles, and then gathered them
up and tied them off with rubber bands.
Then we took some soft white yarn and wrapped it
around and around the top part to create our stems
and used the glue gun to glue the ends in place. Then
we added just a bit of bling and some feathers to finish.
They came out simple but sweet, and very princess
looking. She is a pretty creative little girl and she loved
our creations when we were all done! I did too!
I've got a partner in crime!
After we were finished, we had to give them a name.
Because these were fit for a princess, and because we
love parfaits, and they were pink, we called them...
"Pink Princess Parfait Chenille Pumpkins!" But of
course, what else could they be called! So here are
our sweet pumpkins! I think we did a good job.
Emma thinks we did, and that is all that is important!
We used a rhinestone necklace for the large pumpkin.
This chenille is such a pretty light soft pink. All three
chenille's that Emma chose were different shades of
what I would call, baby soft sweet pinks in color.
And the matching earrings for the two small pumpkins.
I love love this pink squiggly chenille! The pink is such
a sweet color! I have this in so many colors as I use
to make little chenille pantaloons to go with the vintage
pillow case dresses I use to sell. I have tons of chenille's
and hundreds of vintage pillowcases that I have collected
over the last fourteen years. I really should get back to
making the pantaloons and dresses again. They sold like
hotcakes! They even worked great for pumpkins too!
This is the popcorn chenille! Another sweet pink color
and the pops are so soft! This made us some sweet
little pumpkins too!
We had so much fun! Aren't they just sweet!? I wish the
pictures had turned out better. It was a stinkin cloudy
day and me and my camera were just not getting along!
She found these in my china cabinet as we were
taking pictures of our pumpkins. I had forgot I
even had them. A couple of faux pumpkins painted
pink and sprinkled with German glass glitter and
decked out with pretty pink roses and pretty light
 green seam binding. Emma loved them, so we got
them out and set them with our new creations too.
This is my sweet princess Ms. Emma, and she is an
adorable little girl too! I just love her to pieces and
she makes me laugh all the time! She is like a big girl
in a little girls body. She just cracks me up!
Saturday we went shopping and she found several
pieces of jewerly she just had to have of course, and
a writing pad as she loves to write and draw. On
Sunday after church she had one more project she
wanted to do that she had seen that I had done with
her cousin....my littlest grandson Blaze. So before she
had to leave for home we got that done too.
This is her handprint owl. I saw this on a website here
and thought it so cute. We used canvas board for ours
and I lined the sides with some heavy twine and made
a hanger out of twine also, stapling it on the back. We
finished it off by brushing Mod Podge over all of it for
a good seal and a bit of a shine. This is a fun project for
the kids. Emma and Blaze both love theirs!
After we had painted Emma's hands for the handprints
I had sent her into the guest bath to wash her hands. I
wished you could have seen my sink and my WHITE
wash cloth and towel! What a MESS! I got the sink all
clean but I think the wash cloth and towel are shot lol!
Just full of little brown handprints and smears!
How did I not see that coming!
I had a great time with my Emmie and I hated to
see it end. But, we have lots of weekends to play
and shop again. She wore this grandma out so
I really need some time to recover anyway!
TaTa for now!
Thank you for visiting with us!
We always enjoy the company!
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  1. Those are by far the prettiest pumpkins I have ever seen.

    1. Thank you so much Damickey! Thank you for the visit and for taking the time to comment! Most appreciated! :)

  2. I just can hardly wait to have Grandchildren! Those pumpkins are so pretty--love the owl painting too. You are making great memories for her!

    1. Thank you Sandy.....and you just wait....grandkids are the bomb! Emma and I had a great weekend together...in this house I am all about making memories and I love every minute I have with all seven of my grandbabes. They are growing up so fast it's just blowing my mind how quickly time is flying by. Thank you for the visit and your comment. You have so much to look forward too when those grandbabies come along. You will find a deeper love in them than you have ever known. They are such blessings in our lives and help keep us young too lol! Have a great day lady!

  3. Those pumpkins are so adorable! You know that pink, feathers and bling is speaking my language! What fun you two must have had! Love the owl picture too! So clever and cute! What a great grandma you are!!! Hugs, Leena

    1. Hi Leena!!!! And thank you! Yes I know that is your language lol! We did have fun and I love every minute I have with her. She is an amazing little girl. I give all I have in being a great grandma to my grandkids....I want them to have good and lots of memories of our times together....I might need them one day in my old age too! Thanks for the visit and your comment. I Always appreciate that! Hugs!

  4. The young lady is so pretty,a real princess! And I just love your pumpkins!

    1. Thank you so much Aleka! She is a special little girl for sure! Thank you for the visit and your comment! So nice to have you here!

  5. Those are the sweetest, girliest pumpkins i have ever seen! love them! Thanks for sharing at Motivational Monday, hope you join us again tomorrow!

    1. Thank you so much Cassie! Thanks for having me and hosting the party, and for the invite back. I appreciate that! Thank you so much for the visit and for your lovely comment....made my day! :)

  6. Beautiful.... So Pretty Thank you so much for sharing at Share it One More Time

    1. Thank you Tammy! Thank you for having me and for hosting such a lovely party. Love seeing all the awesome things others do. Have a great week! Oh....thank you for the visit and your comment! :)

  7. Oh-My-Goodness are they the cutest things I have seen!!! I love love love pink!! Because these are made of chenille they remind me of my grandmothers bedspreads she always had. And your granddaughter is sooooo cute!!!!
    I'll be back, Im hooked on your creations!!! would love to have you share on my Weekends Linky Party

    1. Thank you so much Sharron! My grandmother had chenille's too....I loved them then and love them now. I have boat loads of the that I have collected. Some I use and some are for crafting. Thank you for the compliment on my granddaughter....she is amazing and so fun to be with. Thank you for the invite to your party and for your visit and comment. So nice to have you here and appreciative of your follow! Thank you so much! Have a lovely day! I love your blog also....so inspiring! :)


Thank you so much for the visit and your kind and lovely comments! Please come back and visit again! Have a blessed day!