Monday, July 15, 2013

The Rustic Romantic with Andrea Hartman

She's Back!!!
And Better Than Ever!

Andrea with her sweetheart Joe

I'm so happy to share my beautiful friend,
the lovely sweet Andrea Hartman!
Andrea has just opened her NEW shop...
in her hometown of Titusville, FL.

"The Rustic Romantic"

Andrea and I met a couple of years ago on Facebook
the day Prince William and Lady Kate married.
We were still chatting about the wedding till the wee
hours of the morning, both of us exhausted but we
were waiting for the couple to appear on the balcony
for that first kiss in front of the world, and to our
giddy excitement, they kissed twice!!!
The following weekend was the Fancy Flea in Lakeland
Florida, where Andrea recognized me from my Facebook
picture and we actually got to meet! I fell in love with her
immediately! We are so very much alike and she is so
funny and fun to be around....a great friendship was made.
I was so excited to go and photograph
her darling shop this past week and
spend the afternoon with her, and her
darling Joe along with my hubby too!

Andrea has a special knack of finding
unique treasures to include vintage
and antiques. She loves painting old
and not so old pieces of furniture in
bright colors, and the chippy shabby
cottage chic designs. You can find so
many beautiful things for your home,
gifts, or for adding to your collections
when you shop The Rustic Romantic!

Let's go take a stroll through her beautiful shop!
This booth may look small....but it is full of sweet finds
and awesome treasure! She has it set up so cute!
Walking towards her booth I first spotted this little
cabinet! I just squealed with delight! I loved it!
I think I have a thing for black shabby painted
furniture ...I like just about every piece I see like this!
Loved this sign sitting on top of the cabinet!
A mutual friend of ours, Debbie Mangual from
Vintage Soul Store set Andrea's shop.
Isn't it Divine! Debbie is such a talented decorator
and stagier. Everything she touches is spectacular!
She has ideas and an imagination like nobody else!
Love the wood tree branches, the frayed fabric
strips and how everything was placed! Andrea's
sweet Joe built the rustic wood pallet walls.
Very cool looking!

Love this chandelier!!!
Cool pillow!
Horse and rustic!
This is a beautiful wardrobe and even has both door keys.
In the corner next to the wardrobe I
spotted this cool old wooden ironing board!
Love those things!
Omgosh...I fell in love with this table!
Isn't that zinc table top just so cool?!!!
It's actually called a canning table.
The little drawer in front held all the
tools and accessories for canning.
And those chairs looked just smashing with it!

and the nails are showing that rusty patina
makes it even more gorgeous!
Love the fabric print on the seats....Rachael Ashwell Couture.
Oh Heaven Help Me!!!! Be still my heart!
To see this so much better....right click and open in new
window...then click on photo to enlarge it....the way she
set this up is stunning!

Gorgeous vase!
and candlesticks!
Lavender sachets!
I wanted everything on this table!
and then........
I went back this last Saturday a week after I had
taken most of these pictures to get a shot of the
whole booth that I had forgotten to take that I wanted.

and there on that gorgeous table setting was this!
Right in the midst of all the cut glass, glass, and
silver and mercury glass gorgeousness...sits this!
The flowers were so pretty in it, but I had to laugh!
Andrea was insistent that I get a picture of this cup too!
To know her is to love her!
A Texas Short Beer mug!
I was thinking this girl really cracks me up!
I don't know about the "Rustic Romantic",
cause I was thinking "Redneck Romantic!" hehe!
There were also a few other new goodies
like this cute little basket with towels in it
hanging on one of the chair backs.
and those candle sconces!!!
My favorites....the ones on the right!
That little wooden bread box came home with me!
Got some plans for that sweetie!
This table brought my grandmother to mind.
She had one just like this...only in it's wood finish.

Another yummilicous chandy!
Don't you just love the rustic wood pallet walls!
There are two walls like this...the other walls
are open which you could see in the first picture
of the whole booth way up above.
Love all those mirrors too!

Old stereo cabinet and working too!
Such a sweet drop leaf table!


Love that vintage slip....gorgeous color!
Love this birdcage! Such great color!
Close up of the cage itself.
I should have taken this jar too...beautiful blue!
The top half is a bit sorry :(
I had it on macro and didn't get my aim
right, but thought this tin so cool!
Two of Andrea's good friends....the craziest girls ever!
They were Andrea's first customers....they both
bought these chic cowgirl hats! Aren't they so cute!
Man these girls were hilarious...was happy to meet them!
Well that's it!
Isn't it just awsome! I wanted most of the stuff!
I really hope if your in her neck of the woods,
you'll stop by for a visit. New things are added
daily so visit often too!
You can find her shop at
3550 S. Washington Ave.
Titusville, Florida  32780
Keep up to date with all the
happenings on "The Rustic Romantic."
Visit their Facebook
page here and show Andrea some love!
Wishing Andrea much success
in her new venture!! xoxo
I hope you all enjoyed our little
stroll thru the shop!
Thank you for spending your time with
me's always so appreciated!
TaTa for Now
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. Awwww <3 This is so sweet! Great blog Debi! And such a beautiful post for our sweet friend Andrea <3 I love how real she is with all the color! ... Like me! lol ... Shabby is not just pink and white! Love her! And loving your blog!
    Blessings to you Debi <3

  2. didn't she have a blog? or am I mixing her up with someone else?
    lovely post.

  3. Debi -- you did an amazing job (as always) and Andrea's booth is just beautifully designed. I love it all --- thank you for sharing!

  4. Wow Debi, you did a great job capturing all that eye candy!

    Wish I lived closer.... mmmmhhhhh well in about 5 months I will.... only it still is not close enough... :(



  5. Hi Debi, What a wonderful post filled with inspiration. I love your dear friends booth and all the special treasures. I could spend lots of time there for sure. Your photography is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. If I get to Florida and near by and would love to stop in and visit.

    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  6. Hi Debi! Wow! This shop is gorgeous! Everything is so pretty and sparkly and so romantic/shabby. I love it! Your photos really showcase everything so wonderfully! Beautiful work! Hugs, Leena

  7. Hi Debi,

    I miss you and hope you are well...

    Hug and a wonderful weekend!


  8. Andrea did not do a great job, she did a FANTASTIC job. I love all of her merchandise and what a great use of space in her booth. Filled to the brim, but not cluttered... A fine line that she walked well! I am so wishing her the Best of luck. But it will not be luck when she succeeds....She has worked hard and sooooo earned it!


  9. Ouuuuuuuu.....very beautiful pictures.

    T: Esa Schultz

  10. Wow, I love all the pictures you took! I'd love to browse, or shop at a place like that!


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