Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Renningers 2014 SteamPunk Industrial Show

 Wow it's been a long long time!
Hope you all are doing well!
I have missed you!
Been very very busy with some family
living here we've been helping out.
A life change for sure, especially
with a 10 and 2 year old!
I finally got to do something I love! 
I went to my first Steampunk Industrial
show at Renningers here in Mount Dora.
It was pretty cool!
Although because I don't have alot of
spare time, it's taken me three weeks to
get these photo's ready and this post!
I met some talented people, saw some
amazing things, and of course...always
looking for junk and stuff for crafting!
My granddaughter Taylor, my grandson
Lil Ryan, and my best
camera and I had a ball!
So lets get on with it and
Rock and Roll!
I met this amazing sweet fashion artist
by the name of Kathryn Page, and she
lives right here in Mt. Dora. I found
out that her creations are sought
after and worn by many celebrities!
One I heard of was Stevie Nicks!
Pretty awesome right!?
Her clothing, hats, and accessories
are to die for beautiful!
I fell in love!
She is planning on opening a shop
downtown and I sure hope she does.
Guess where I'll be....alot!
The first thing I saw was this gorgeous
wedding dress, and I apologize for the
bad pictures. I was inside an awning
and the lighting wasn't good and I
didn't adjust my settings.
This is a wedding dress with matching
hat. It is a reconstructed dress from
a thrift store purchase. It was so much
more beautiful than I captured here.
Front of dress.....
Back of dress....
And here is the gorgeous hat!
It has a bit of tulle with lace
strips hanging down the back.
It was just gorgeous!
Below are some of her bonnets & hats!
Simply stunning creations!

She also had some beautiful scarves...

Along with tops, jackets, tye dyed vintage
slips, head wraps, belts, shawls, skirts,
camisole tops, and handbags.
This is a photo of a photo I took
showing some designs created by Kathryn.
They were taken by a fabulous photographer
Carmine Warren of Orlando, Fl.
Oh, and I am taking photography classes
from excited!
You can see his work here "Shoot the Look"
and, you can find him on Facebook too.
Every item designed by Kathryn Page is
completely hand made and one of a kind.
Her style is Vintage Inspired ~ Glamorous
Avant-Garde Bohemian Hippie Art Wear.
Image Courtesy Kathryn Page, (her website.) 
You can also find her beautiful things on
Etsy here and here.
Moving on to several booths where we
found some fun things.
This is my grandson Ryan. He was having
fun with the Steampunk look.

I loved this hat by the Hatman!
This metal hat was believed to be
used many many years ago in hat making.
I would have loved that for one of my
mannequins. I love old stuff!
Saw several nice pieces of
Steampunk jewelry.
Handmade Steampunk dice.
Different types of handmade wooden gears...
I could see these in a loft living area.
This was pretty amazing! A Steampunk
butterfly! It was hooked on the back
of a mannequin, bike handle bars for it's
antenna's, copper tubing, and other
contraptions for the rest of the body.
These cool little pieces were so cute!
Someone has an artistic vision for sure!
I absolutely loved this dog!
Don't you just love those licence
plate ears!?
And this one! Just look at all the
gadgets used in creating these things!
These too! Do you recognize what was used
for the heads of the two little robots in
the front here....I played with those when
I was a kid! And more adorable dogs in the
rear. I was amazed at what was used to
create all these little creatures. So Cute!
Next stop was a friend of mine from Lakeland,
Florida. An amazing painter Linda Cassels,
and her sidekick Leah McConville. They call
themselves the "Tinker" (Linda), and the
"Tailor" (Leah). They both paint, but Linda
also likes to tinker around with other things
as you see with her Steampunk creations.
Leah sews and works with clothing.
This is a mural Linda painted on canvas
used as a curtain on the outside wall of
her booth. This girl has some major talent!
Below are her "tinker" Steampunk creations..
I loved them all and especially her hats!
I totally loved this hat!
 And aren't these vintage binoculars
with the bird so cool!? I want them!
And this made my heart beat fast!!
I LOVE old camera's and birds!
I want this in the worst way!!!
How is this for your Steampunk taste!?
And the hats are so fun!
My little Ryan was really digging this stuff.
Now I am no fan of guns, but what she did
with this one was pretty creative and it
shoots those styrofoam toy bullets.
Loved this hat my Lil Ryan modeled for me.
This made me think of New Year's Eve!
Very cool!
And how cute is this Steampunked giraffe!?
Imagination is amazing isn't it?
Totally loving this one!
I really fell in love with Leah's pantaloons!
These next two photo's are a couple
of Leah's Steampunk designs.
It was windy and they were right out
in the sun, but they were very pretty!
You can find Linda here on Facebook to see
more of her amazing hand painted murals,
faux finishes and her steampunk creations.
Amazing talent! 
Below are some more Steampunk creations by
some very creative spirits we saw.

I never really knew people dressed in Steampunk, but they were everywhere at this show! Wished I would have taken more pictures
of some of the amazing costumes that were worn that day...there was some far out there outfits and some really pretty ones too.
I thought that girl had a real live owl on
her shoulders, but realized later is was a
stuffed one.
Then of course there was lots of vintage and
antiques everywhere! This is where I always
get into I have learned
to leave the purse in the car that is
parked way way far away hehe!
I love vintage cars and trucks!
Who knows why!
This little sweetie was all handmade.
Wood, tin, and bottles caps for the hub caps.
If my purse hadn't been so far away, it would
have come home with me.
And this baby too!
This old phonagraph was beautiful! I wish
I would have gotten a full shot of this. The
whole lid inside was all mahogany. It was
beautiful! Never have seen one like this.
I stop dead when I saw this baby!
Love old rusty bikes!
And then...and then...always looking for
crafting things!!! My favorite part of
any show! My head just starts spinning
with visions and ideas. Thank gosh my
purse was in the car far far away!
I had to tell my grandkids to hold me back
here....this was loaded loaded with treasures!!
Well that was it! Well not really but that
was all I got pictures of. If I didn't chat
so much I would remember to shoot more.
Hope you enjoyed your visit and, thank you
for coming along. This was my first outing
in six months and I was in heaven! NOTHING
better than a day full of sunshine, making
new friends, seeing old friends, and playing
with my camera!
TaTa for now!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. You had me at Steampunk! I am enchanted. Thank you for sharing...

  2. WOW Exquisitely naughty, charming, wonderful brazen in-your-face, one of a kind creations by some very talented artists. Thanks for sharing this marvelous collection. Glad you got out and about and had some fun with your guys!

  3. Debi, first I have to say your photography lessons are working...Your pictures are gorgeous!!! I have never been to a steam-punk show, but met Katherine Page at the last extravaganza...Love her work! I was just in Mt Dora today for the craft festival...Love that town! I met a lot of the Polka Dot Flea vendors today they were doing their own show at Karen Hillmans home on Baker street off of 10th street. All sorts of shabby goodness!



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