Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Window Dressing at Annabelles Vintage Land

Annabelle's Vintage Land in Mt. Dora was my last stop Saturday out taking photos all day.
It was on my way home and in passing it everytime we go downtown, I had noticed this gorgeous mannequin in the window all frillied up in pink and oodles of lace. I kept telling Jack I wanted to take the camera with me next time to take pictures of that gorgeous piece. Well about forty next times later I finally had the camera with me so I stopped! The shop was closed but that was ok, I'll just see how the pictures would come out through the window. I was surprised how well they did came out!
This thing is so pretty I could look at it all day!
I wonder who created this baby! It's awsome and all
that lace is to die for gorgeous! Sure wish she was mine! :)
Aren't you just loving it!

After posting this I found out that the adorable and talented
Karen Hillman of Karen Hillman Photography
is the owner of this stunning beauty,
and the creator is the sweet and talented
Cassandra Vancuren of Artful Adventures Photography!
In the other window was this beauty!
This sign was at the entrance in case anyone might be interested...give them a call! 352-729-2628
Annabelle's Vintage Land is a unique shopping destination in our beautiful Mount Dora, FL.  Annabelle's Vintage Land spotlight's mixed media artwork, vintage merchandise, antiques, and one of a kind furniture. The shop is located at 947 N. Donnelly St. Mt. Dora, FL.
I've been many times and I just love it!
Put it on your list to visit for sure!
The link above will take you to their Facebook page where you can see photos of what they have to offer. Go SEE!
This is just a few blocks from our house too!:) This town is so fun!

Playing with Pictures and My Photo Editor!

As I was editing my photo's for this post, I can't help but play more with my photo editor program. I just love this thing! Just have to share some of the photo's as I was learning what all the buttons can do to photo's. Some of this is really cool!
This was the origianl full shot photo I was playing with,
with no editing at all. The half shots looked like this too.
Not bad pictures through the glass window
even with all the street glare!
I really love taking pictures! Hoping to get better with time!
Ok I'm done playing now hehe!
I really need to write down what buttons I'm using to get these effects. Might be useful sometime!
I was suppose to blog about the Vintage Antique Market
next, but I have a ton of pictures I'm going through to tone
down a bit how many I'll be using, then resize them all, crop, etc.
I'm working on it! Awsome shop too!
I also stopped and took random photo's along my way that day too.
Will share a few of those too!
Thanks for coming along and letting me bore you!
Always love your visits, and your comments!
TaTa Till Later!
Hugs, XOXO, Love, and Blessings!


  1. Hi Debi,

    It is amazing to me how you can get so many variations of colors and textures of the lace dress in the different pictures. looks like you had a blast!!
    I am in love with the long pink sheath dress, with the rhinestones and beading trim.

    Mount Dora, Fla. must be a lovely place to live. Looks like there are many fun shops to explore!!

    Love and Hugs,


    1. Hi Susan! I am loving learning how to use this new photo editor. It's amazing what you can do with pictures....even if the shot was not a good one to start with! I noticed last night that the sheath dress was no longer in the window...wonder if it sold....it was stunning!

      Mt. Dora to us is a to die for little town! We just love living here and so much still to explore!

      Hope your doing well! Thank you for the visit and the comment!

      Love and hugs!

  2. That dress on the dressform is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it :)

    1. Isn't that gorgeous? I bet that one of your ladies would love to get all gussied up like that! You could do it too, you're so talented! I bet that shop is amazing! Are you going to be a vendor for their event? So much fun playing with photo effects, isn't it? Enjoy your Sunday! Hugs, Leena

    2. Thank you Sandy.....glad you enjoyed it! :) It is stunning and so pretty in the window! Thanks for the visit and the comment!


    3. Hi Leena! I have a girl that needs some major attention....if I could find enough lace I would be tempted for sure to try something like this! This shop is really wonderful! I love it! I probably am not to the event although I really should stop passing up opportunities to get rid of alot of stuff I have lol!

      Yes it is fun playing with these photos! Amazing the things one can do with a picture! Too fun!

      Hope you're having a good day girl!

      Thanks for the visit and the comment!

      Luv ya!


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