Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wishing You All A Very Happy Easter!

 I had two of my grandson's all this last week as
they were on their Spring break. It was a great
week and we had alot of fun! Well it's coming to
an end sad, but today we will celebrate
Easter all together as their sister Emma and Mom
are here now too! Yesterday afternoon we put on
our baking hats for one more fun project and
memory together, and made our first ever cake pops!

Parker and I ended up finishing them because our
Aiden fell asleep while we were waiting for the
cake balls to freeze so we could decorate them.
Not sure we got the Easter thing going on here by
looking at them if you didn't know it first lol!
Love how those monster things on Parker's shirt look
like they are going to dive right in our cake pops hehe!

These were supposed to look like Easter eggs,
but the cake and frosting mixture was so soft that
it made it really hard to shape them into egg shapes.
It was easier just to make them into ball shapes,
so that is what we did. We need major practice
decorating with the frosting too lol! So NOT what
we were trying to do..................

This was what we were originally aiming for....
didn't happen! Oh well, we had fun and the best
part was, that no matter what they looked like
on the outside....

they were OMGosh....simply delish!

Maybe with some practice, next year
we might could get them to look like Easter eggs?
Well, we got a whole year to work on it hehe!
The boys were really proud of their creations, and
I think our team effort wasn't so bad, at least they
were Springy lookin sorta kinda! :) Happy kids is
what it's about anyhow! So gram was happy too!

Shortly after we finished the cake pops, Emma and
mommy arrived. It was time to color our eggs. We
tried a new type of coloring this year. We all
loved it, and the eggs looked so cool! The kit had these
plastic bags that you put an egg into, a few drops of
dye, then swirl it around and cups, water,
vinegar, or mess! They were marbley looking and pretty!

Pretty snazzy I thought...and the kids thought this was
way better than the old way of dying eggs. Happy kids
again! Yea! Now it's off to bed so the bunny will come!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Lovely Easter!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!



  1. I think your cake pops came out cute! So what if they weren't magazine perfect - bet they tasted just as good! You're right, the monsters on his shirt DO look like they're about to eat them! Yikes! LOL! Cool eggs too! I like the marble look. Sounds like you had a fun week and Easter Eve with the kids - so happy for you! Happy Easter to the whole family! xoxo, Leena

  2. Lovely, just lovely! It's understated but yet oh, so elegant. Wonderful job.
    glass and stone mosaic


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