Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Go Green ~ Recycled T-Shirt Produce Shopping Bag

Another awesome idea for recycled t-shirts and living green!
Is This Not Just The Coolest!
Reminds me of those plastic stretchy bags you see in the stores for produce. This is even better! This can be washed and used again and again, and.....with several smaller ones you can use them to separate all your goodies but carry them all in one larger bag....way cool!
Well I loved it and just had to try to make it!
With a bag of strawberries inside....see how it stretches.
I was on Pinterest night before last and
come across this idea for this produce
market bag made from a t-shirt.
I thought it just so cool!
I search it down and found the blog from
the girl who made them...Well as luck will have it,
she had a tutorial on how to make them.
I nabbed one of hubby's t-shirts and sat
down to make my own. I hope he wasn't partial to it,
he was sleeping when I started this hehe.
It took a while to figure it all out because she didn't really go into enough detail for like how to measure the markings for cutting the slits, so I just winged it and I did it!
Took freaking forever though geesh!
I know one thing now that I've made one, I need to make it shorter in length. When I got it done I hung it over my shoulder and thought perfect! But....once I put some fruit in it, which was just three navel oranges, it stretched down to my knees lol! Must go shorter in length for sure because if I were to put much more in it, it will be to my ankles!
I'm working on some smaller ones now, and I just like it so much that I'm going to make one or two without all the slits so I can use them when I go junking and hitting the flea markets. I think they would be perfect for that!
These can be used for other things too...like a beach bag which what I'm thinking is, all that sand that gets on stuff would just fall out of the bag instead of your car or floor, or a laundry bag, or storing larger toys, and I'm sure if thought about enough there would be a ton more uses. The way it stretches, you can get a whole lot in one bag! And it doesn't tear. These little babies are pretty darn durable.
You know, I was thinking a tee slit up like this with a tank under would be kinda cute to wear for summer. Might have to try that too. The kiddies might like those!
Oh how bout a lamp shade,
or a belt or headband,
or a shower curtain...
my mind just goes all over the place with ideas hehe!
If you like this idea too,
here is the blog where I found the tutorial for this.
Visit Delia Creates 
I found another blog via Delia's with another tutorial for the same thing but the slits go up and down on theirs...
Well it was really fun to do and now that I have done one it will go much faster. My next ones are going to have some frayed rolled roses with bling on them just to fancy them up a little bit...oh I have several ideas to make em pretty.
Well if you make them...enjoy and have fun!
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!

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  1. Hi Hon! It was SO GREAT to talk to you today! I really enjoyed our conversation! I love this idea! I'm with you - it would also make a cute over-shirt for a tank and can you imagine a little one wearing one as a sweet dress? So cute! I'll happily lend you Abigail as a model! SHe's such a little miss priss! LOL! I think that adding frayed flowers and bling is a fabulous idea too! Make sure you post pics when you create more of your ideas! Take care! Hugs, Leena


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