Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pretty With Purpose Burlap and Birds

 Nothing better than good ol' Mason Jars
for Organizing and Storage!
 I had a large box full of mason jars and in my
quest to start doing something with all the stuff
I have collected over the years, I am determined
to do something with all of it! I have found tons
of stuff I didn't even know I had that I have stuffed
and saved in my pack rat nature! I have been trying
to make some sense in my craft and sewing room,
and realized I needed badly to get things organized!
Especially since our move...I can't find nothing!
With tons of little things all over the place, I need
to get it altogether in one place and in their own
containers. Then I MIGHT just know what I have!
And where it is when I need it!
So.....this box of mason jars was first
on the list to do something with!
I made some pretty candle holders and or flower vases
with a few using pretty spring floral napkins that
I decoupaged on, and added pearls and rhinestone
brooches to bling them up with. They turned
out pretty sweet. Those can be seen here. Now I'm going to
dress up a few for storing bits and bobs for the craft room.
Here I've made my first pin cushion topped containers.
I was pretty proud of these since I had no idea what I
was doing and had no directions to follow. I'm sure there
is a tutorial out there somewhere, but I didn't want to
spend hours looking. Once I'm in the mood I want
to just get started! hard could it be lol!

I love burlap and have tons of that so I grabbed that
up along with some pretty bird fabric I bought long
while back. I decided I would use the fabric for the pin
cushion top and then do a flower for the front.
Then I found these pretty blue glass stones that were
once used in a flower vase. Thought they would bring
out the blue in the fabric so this would be perfect for
the flower centers. I took a paper bag and tore some
narrow strips of that and then glued that over in the
center of the  burlap. I ripped some strips of the fabric doing that, then rolled and twisted to make the
flowers. I glued on the glass stones, then wrapped a few
strands of burlap around the whole flower and glued it
over the wide strip of burlap I had already wrapped
around the jar.

I then thought the paper needed something, and went
to get some of my stamps and some tea dye ink.
I stamped the words "create, inspire, and dream".
That's what a craft and sewing room is about isn't it?

Then the tops...which wasn't as easy to do as I thought.
I had one lid that was just a plain screw on lid...
the other was the regular canning lid...with the two pieces.
The two piece lid wasn't to hard at all. I cut a round of
the fabric making sure to get the bird right in the center.
I got some stuffing and laid it between the flat lid and
the fabric, then pushed it up through the screw on part
of the lid. Once I had enough stuffing in there, I slit the
edges of the fabric so far in all the way around so it would
fold over to the underside with no flurples and glued
it down. Then I ran glue all around the inside of the
twist on cap, and pushed the lid up through the screw
on lid and wala! It looked like a pin cushion. Then I
finished off the lid with a bit of trim.  

Not bad!!! And no flurples either!
This lid was a bit more....because it was just a regular screw
on lid, I was trying to figure out how I could make this one
with a pin cushion top too. So I got a brain idea! I save tin cans
along with the lids...thinking I would use the lids as fancied up
gift tags one day. Well one of those lids was gonna help me out
here. I took my fabric with the stuffing and put it over a dog
food can lid. It was just a tad tiny bit bigger than the jar
lid but it would work I think. I glued the edges under like
I did on the first one. Then I took and glued this on top of
the screw on lid. I added some trim around the outer edge
of the fabric to kinda frame it, and it worked great!
I added another strip of trim around the main lid like I had
done on the one before, and by worked!
There was a couple of flurples, but overall, it was perfect!

I took some of my glass beads and stuck a pin through them
and made litte crowns for the birds too! Cute huh!?
I was pretty happy with the end result of my pin cushion
mason jars....and the colors are happy and Springy too!
These are holding all my tiny glass beads and wooden
beads. I had them spilling out of their bags all over the
place so this is perfect! Although I need to add more
jars just for storing beads. Didn't know I had so durn many!
I also have overloaded my pin cushion
so this works for all the pins I have, plus I won't have
to go digging through the several sewing boxes trying
to find them when I need them.
We're Happy!
Now to on to another type of dressing up for the last
remaining jars..... FINALLY!
I'm about over MASON JARS hehe!
I like lots of different looking things. And...
I don't like making the same thing over and over.
Well this was fun!
Hug's, Love, and Blessings!


  1. These jars look very pretty too! You will be so organized!!!! Nancy

  2. Your Mason jars are very sweet and practical. I like that you are using the things you have on hand. I too am a pack rat and hate to throw or give things away as I always seem to need them just afterwards. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  3. Such a pretty and functional project, Debi! I remember when we moved into our condo {about 1 1/2 years ago} the storage room that I took over for my craft/sewing room was the last room I got to and organizing after unpacking was a must. Thankfully, because it was a storage room it had those wire shelves up already and I was able to get the bigger things out of my way. Since then I've use candle jars with lids, pickle jars, and old sauce cans to help me get those little things organized. It was great to use all the supplies I already had to make them up pretty, too.


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