Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birds Gone Royal Plus Another Off the Track Moment

My Sweet Little Royal Highness's
I love birds!
Was working on an entirely different project
and I had a bada bing moment!
I have no idea why my mind leapt to this
but I just had to go do it.
Maybe because I had recently made some
lace crowns for the first time for little girls.
Who knows!!
Or maybe....
it's because I have been going around
crowning everything, and my girls felt left
out and were sending me mental messages hehe!
Lord now I'm sounding like a wacko!
Well anyway, the bing moment was this...
I made some tiny lace crowns
painted them with silver paint,
added bling and glitter and now....
pretty crowns for the' Royal!
....are they not just too cute!?
The girls got sparkle!!!
My hubby just cracked up and shook his head,
but he did say they looked rather cute,
but then in the next breath said,
"I worry about you sometimes."
Not nice!
I just said, "It's just my inner little girl coming out!"
My little secret is,
it gives me things to practice taking pictures with!
That...I love to do! :)
Speaking of taking I was photographing
the birds, my eye got hooked on the stack of old
vintage books the birds were on....thought to myself
durn.....those look really cool! So.....had to take some
more shots of my books and their tattered edges.


And then!!!!.....
On my way to download my photos I eyed my little
metal cross crown I found at World's Market the
other day and thought hmmm...she needs some sparkly!
So I had to play with her too lol! See how my focus on things
goes all over the dang place! I struggle with staying on
task all day everyday. I'm a mess lol!
Well now she looks happy! And I'm happy too!
I'm  in love with sparkly!!!
Oh those things in the background of the metal crown
that you can't really something new I came up with!
It has to do with setting up a pretty table....
candles......and of course
more crowns made of lace!
But a whole new use for them!
Somebody needs to slap me! I need to get over this crown stuff!
That story coming up in the next post! Stay tune!
Now if I can remember what the heck I was doing
before I went on this tangent of lace crowns,
to birds,  to old books,
and then to my metal crown,
I might just get er finished!
I know, I'm probably boring, but I have fun!
TaTa till Later....or the next goofy thing I come up with!
I need to go shut my mind off for a while, fat chance!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. I love all of these! The birdies look so regal and cute with their crowns adn bling! Don't tell my birdies, they'll get jealous! You know how envious little birdies can be! And, like us girlies, they all love bling! I also love what you did with your crown! I looks so much nicer - makes you wonder why they don't make it and sell it that way. Aren't old books so cool? You're getting really professional with your photography! I'm gald your brain runs around in circles - it gives my brain a running partner LOL! Hugs, Leena

  2. I believe the crown you found is from the statue, infant Jesus of Prague


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