Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pretty Embroidered Lace Crown For Princess


Having Fun With Lace, Pearls, and Sparkly!

Making a crown with embroidered laces has been on my to-do list for oh.....about 2 years now! (Along with about a million or more other projects and ideas for cripes sake, so how IS a girl to remember!) Well, I was on Pinterest the other day and saw a tutorial for making these, so I said to myself, "self.....I think now is the time!" I had everything I needed right upstairs so let's have at it!! I'll make one for my granddaughter Ms. Emma! The way I have felt lately I needed something to get me out of my funk and inspire me! This did it! Miss Prini who is like my shadow followed me upstairs so I could gather the goodies to create with. As I was throwing lace out of my lace bin, some landed on Prini's head and that made me think Prini needed a pretty crown too! She thinks she's a Princess, and her real name is Princess, so yep....she needs the crown to add to her wardrobe! Next will be her tutu to match hehe! 

This started out as white lace but I painted it a sweet soft pastel pink, added rhinestones, pearls, an organdy flower with a pearled center and last, a sprinkle of glitter! The glitter isn't showing its sparkle in the pics though darn it. Ms. Prini here isn't to sparkly either lol! She really ISN'T the Fru Fru type of girl and hates even more when I mess with her head to girly her up!
She'll reluctantly play along for a little bit, but with attitude....can ya tell?!
Prini ran and hid so we got Katie Jo the bunny to finish the job. :)
She loved matches her ears! hehe
She's back! Doesn't she look like a fairy princess!? Say goodnight Prini!
Pretty sweet we thought....and it was fun to make....messy but fun!
I have several more I made too....
working on the pictures so will post those pretties when I'm finished.
Ya know......I'm thinking maybe a give away is in order!
Hmmm....I'll think on it and let you know in the next post!
Well thank you for stopping by! It's always so nice to have you here!
TaTa Till Later!
Love, Hugs, and Blessings to ya!


  1. So cute! Prini is adorable and the little crown is just priceless! Together, they make quite a cute fashion diva statement! Love it! You make the sweetest things! Looking forward to seeing the others you've made. Hugs Sweetie, Leena
    PS I'm posting Prini's pic to my Adorable Animals pin board!

    1. Thank you Leena! She is the Diva of the house lol! Prini says thanks for adding her to your Adorable Animals board too! How nice! Thanks for the visit and for sharing us!

      Love and Hugs!

  2. Oh I just love the crown for Princess! She is adorable.

    1. Thank you Sandy.....Princess KNOWS she is adorable lol! Thank you for the visit! It is ALWAYS appreciated and so are your comments!



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