Thursday, February 14, 2013

Butt Ugly To Fru Fru Vest

A Test to My Creative Abilities Finished!
A friend of mine that does the vintage market circuit
is setting up her booth at Rennigers this weekend for the
Rennigers Extravaganza.
At the one last month, she ask me to take this
construction vest or whatever you call it
and fru fru it up for her. She wanted
ruffles on the bottom and fabric ties for the side,
and then what ever else I could come up with to make it,
"fru fru?"
I said sure! That was until I got it home and tried to
think of what I could do to it to make it pretty.
It was then I realized
It's Florescent!!!
I don't understand why she just doesn't go with a
pretty vintage apron or something prettier than this
gosh awful thing!  Oh well I said I would do it!
Three weeks have passed and I look at it and keep trying
to think what in the world can I do to this to make it pretty!
I hit the fabric stores trying to find anything that I could use
for the ruffles and that was a Pure BUST!
Nothing would go with this not even any prints...
Everything just clashed with it!
The ladies at JoAnns Fabric's asked if I needed help....
once I told them what I was trying to do and find,
they all looked at me with blank looks on their faces
looked at the vest and said, "Good Luck with THAT!"
And then they laughed....well so did I!
My last resort was using black fabric, but then all I could
see in my mind was a pumpkin lol!
I didn't want her to look like a Halloween character,
so my mind just keeps running a mile a minute.
I was ready to throw in the of my friends
said, "Tell her your dog ate it lol!" I was tempted I'll tell ya!
Well I finally had a vision so I set out to do it!
Then along the way I changed it because I couldn't
stand that florescent orange staring at me.
So.....I got my paints out and painted it white on the
front and back. You can still see a bit of the orange
but not much, that was good!
I cut off the Velcro straps, then cut the front of the vest off
at the bottom so it was even with the back. Then I got this
brainstorm of covering it with some vintage lace that I cut
from an old vintage tablecloth. I got out my Modge Podge
and adhered the lace to the vest. So far not to bad!
She wanted raw edges on everything so I ripped
black strips of fabric for ties on the side. I found some
pre-ruffled chiffon strips at the fabric store and
thought hey!!!.....
that saves me from making ruffles!
I also found some black lace with some bling...
I made a rolled rose flower and stuck some bling on that,
then added some lace strips and a round of lace behind the
rose and tacked it on.....
AND.....WALA!!!  DONE!
AND....It doesn't look like a pumpkin! HA!!




It looks Parisian!
Totally different look from what I first envisioned!
My hubby was shocked when he saw the finished product....
so was I hehe!
He loved it and was just amazed......
I did to and so was I!
Well I think it looks so much better....
and it does have a fru fru look!
This was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be lol!
So now I'm on my way to help her set up her booth and
deliver her vest. Hope she likes it!
Butt Ugly isn't Ugly anymore!
See ya all later! Wish me Luck that she will like it! :)
And oh my gosh it is stinkin raining out....
this is so not going to be fun setting upthat booth!
We are going to get soaked and it's chilly to boot! YUK!!
Why do I always get myself into these things!
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  1. Debi ... it turned out fabulous! I am amazed, although I know I shouldn't be ... great job! ~Lori

    1. Thank you Lori! Once I got going it took it's own little course and when I was finally finished, I was amazed myself lol! What a challenge this was!

      Thank you for the visit and the sweet comment!


  2. Wow! You sure knocked the butt ugly outta that vest! Butt ugly be gone! Such a great job! You can't even tell that ugly construction looking vest is under there! I love it! Yuck, rain and setting up a booth outdoors don't mix! I hope it all went ok and I know that she loved her vest! Fabulous! Hugs, Leena

    1. Thank you Leena! I was sweating it trying to figure out what to do with that thing lol. I almost threw in the towel, but all of a sudden, the ideas started flowing and changing and flowing some more and I did it! I was so excited when it was done and totally amazed at how it turned out, even though I did it hehe!

      She did love it, and we got soaked but it was fun anyway!

      Always appreciate your visit and comments girl!

      Love and Hugs!


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