Monday, October 13, 2014

Steampunk Industrial Show This Weekend In Mount Dora, FL.

Look whats coming to town this weekend!
Don't miss it all you locals!

This is such an awesome event! Renningers is right
around the corner from me and last year I went to
the Steam Punk show. It was jamming with music,
great food, games, and some great steam punk art,
very cool hats, lots of jewelry and clothing! And, you
should have seen all the folks dressed up to the nines
in their steam punk outfits! I had never been to an
event like this before and really didn't even know
what the heck steam punk was! I took my camera as
always and had a blast! I even liked so many of the
things I saw....really got into the hats! They were
awesome! And the talent found was incredible! It
was amazing to see what people created with
industrial type items.
I did a post on it with lots of photo's here.
They must have liked my post and photo's
because I saw today in their advertising of
the event on their website, my blog and the
post and photo's I did was listed in the ad!
That made me excited!
There were also lots of vendors set up selling vintage
and antique goodies, and of course the outdoor and
indoor flea market was open along with the antique
mall and little town shops along side and behind it too!
Renningers is one of the largest flea and antique
markets in the state of Florida and it's jamming
darn near every weekend with some event or other!
With the Fall here, all the northerners will soon be
here setting up their booths selling their wares!
That's the best time of the year! They stock pile stuff
all spring and summer and you wouldn't believe
all the cool things one can find! Flippin awesome!
If you're in the area, set some time aside to go!
I'm pretty sure you will love it! You don't have
to be a steam punker to have a good time.......
there is something to be found and a good time
for all! GO!
Don't's this Saturday and Sunday!
Oct. 18th & 19th from 9am to 5pm!
Hope to see you there!
TaTa Till Later!

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