Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Awesome Find For My Camera Collection

 I have wanted one of these for so
long and I finally found one at a
steal at Renningers Flea Market
here in Mount Dora, Fl.
I've wanted to start a camera
collection for a long while, and
this is the perfect start! It's a
1901 Eastman Kodak with bellows,
and it's in amazing great shape!
It's 113 years old!
I don't know what it is about
old old camera's, but I love
them and love looking at them.
Once we get our own home, I
plan on displaying them in
my hubby's library. They'll
look good with all his old books.
There is some pitting on the
the metal parts,
a little bit of scuffing on the leather case, the leather handle
on top is broken, and a few
worn edges on the bellows on
one side, but not badly......
but the rest looks really good!
She does need a bit of dusting
again though but a beauty she is!

I wonder if this baby works!
That would be so cool!
Who ever owned her before really
took good care of her.
I'm definately a happy girl!
My next search is for a Kodak
Brownie camera. My dad bought
me my first camera when I was
nine for my birthday and it was
a Brownie....I wish I knew what
ever happened to that. I would
love to have been able to have
that in my collection durn it!
As I was leaving to run some
errands yesterday, I walked
outside and found my minature
roses were blooming on the
trellis....I just
had to take some pictures,
they are so sweet!
I gots a craving for potato
chips with melted cheddar
cheeses....So yummy!
I normally use Scoops Tortilla
Chips...adding shredded cheese
and after I melt it in the micro
wave, I top it with salsa. One
night I was craving this and had
no Scoops, so I grabbed the bag
of potato chips, threw cheese on
them, nuked it for about a minute
and dang if that wasn't pretty
good too! Whatever works!
Now to go stuff my face! :)
Not the healthiest snack I'm
sure, but going for it anyway!
Thank you so much for the visit!
Enjoy your day! XOXO
TaTa for Now...
Love and Blessings!

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