Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Flower Pockets

Pretties for Mother's Day
A few hours late but....
Happy Mother's Day!
I hope all you mom's and grandmom's had a wonderful day!
I had a GREAT Day!
My hubby and I took a trip to Lakeland to spend the day
and have dinner with my daughter and her family. The
little one's met me at the door with big smiles all over
their sweet faces, and each handed me their handmade,
all by their self Mother's Day cards. They were so proud
and you could just see they were waiting to see if
grandma would love their gifts. Well absolutely and
always! I loaded them each with kisses and big hugs and
thank yous, and the happy glows on their faces was
the best of all! They just made my day!
I spent this last week making flower pockets for mother's
day gifts. My week was so kinda of crazy so this is the only
one I got pictures of. One became a prayer pocket because
of a situation with my hubby this last week which can be
seen in the post after this one here.
I made the pockets with burlap, vintage laces, and several
bits and pieces of things from my stash of stuff. This one I gave
to my daughter. I made a burlap rose with a sterling heart and
rhinestone center. It was an earring that had it's mate missing.
I added a few little pearls to the centers of the flowers in the
vintage lace, and some pretty yarn strands hanging from the
burlap flower. Last, a strap for hanging that I also stamped
with a message. I added some artificial flowers that she can
change out anytime she wants. If she wants real flowers, she
can set a mason jar with water inside to hold them in.

I think these are so sweet and I love mine....and their pretty
used anywhere in your home, or outdoor lounging area too!
Quick and easy peasy!
Thank you for spending time with me! :)
Have a wonderful week!
Hugs, Love, and Blessing!

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