Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Am So Blessed

Just Had to Take Some Pics!
For Mother's Day my hubby had sent to me the most
beautiful bouquet of flowers and in my favorite colors
to boot! He also had a card made through Hallmark  for
me that came in the mail! I didn't even know you could do
that! (I mean the specially made for someone card.)
It was beautiful and made me cry.
He can't get out without me...he can't drive so he does
his shopping on line and has it sent by mail. The picture
on the front of the card was a perfect choice to!
He knows I love this type of art. 
It was also one of those ones that plays music...
the song on this one was,
"What a Wonderful World."

 He calls me boo-boo.........I call him boo :)
Isn't it just beautiful! He melts my heart everytime!
It is just amazing to me how he'll remember all
these little things I love, and any gift he gives me
always always has a touch of it. And, many times
if he can't find what he is looking for, he will make it!
Or he did before his stroke anyway.

He had just hit the five year mark of his stroke a couple
of days before this Mother's Day, and it was a bad day for
him this time, because he still has so far to go to recover.
So that day being very fresh in his mind, my card was
somewhat related to that Mother's Day five years ago. It
was just an awful day...I thought I was going to lose him! It
was touch and go for three weeks! And, we were planning
our wedding that was just two and half months away,
our life together was just beginning, he was my everything!
I was scared to death! I had lost my first love eight months
before our wedding when I was eighteen, this felt like Deja Vu
all over again. Please God NO!!
On that Mother's Day he had been unconscious for a
couple of days prior, but that morning when I awoke
at 6AM, I walked up to his bedside to check on him....
I was shocked when he opened his eyes and said,
"Happy Mother's Day sweetie,
I'm so sorry I've ruined your day."
I didn't even think he knew what day it was let alone
Mother's Day! I didn't even remember it was Mother's
Day! Then immediately after, he was out again. I just
couldn't believe it because, the stroke had taken his speech,
he was totally paralyzed on the right side along with his
vision being screwed up, and he just spoke so clearly! 
When he came to again a few days later, his speech was
gone again. And, he doesn't know if he is going to survive
this, and he worries about me!? I just sobbed and sobbed
then bent down and kissed him gently. This man no matter
what, always has put me and my happiness before anything
else. I'm so blessed to have this man, and I can't help loving
him so much, he is simply amazing! 
He knows I love pink and yellow together!
He also knows I also love daisies and roses!
And carnations!
And the flowers I received were a gorgeous
combination of all I love...he never forgets
a thing about me ever....makes me look so
bad! I forget things all the dang time!
This man of mine is just so very perfect!
I didn't know God made men this wonderful.....
other than my Dad!
By the time I decided to take some photos of
these beauties, the roses were already wilting.
So sad, they didn't even open all the way...hubby
was not happy about that at all. They were yellow
with pink edges, never have seen those kind before.
But, they were beautiful while they lasted!

Love these daisies!
The sweetest little carnations....soft baby pink with white tips.
When I see mind says....get the camera!
So I did!..........I love to take pictures and love trying to
capture the beauty of things. Makes hubby happy when
I take pictures of the things he gives me...and I always love
to make him happy...a smile is a smile and I'll take
every one he gives! :) I apologize if it seems I am bragging
about him, but he is so very worth bragging about!
I hope ya'll don't mind me talking about my hubby's stroke.
This is our life, and in everything we do and everywhere we
go, it is with us every single minute. We struggle, we laugh,
we get angry, we cry, but WE still have each other. His
stroke is every part of us now until we get that one miracle,
Total Recovery!
Thanks for visiting today!
TaTa Till Later! :)
Love, Hugs, and Blessings!


  1. Hi Debi, This is such a sweet love story. Thanks for sharing...Connie

    1. Thank you Connie....he is my love story! Thank you for the visit...I have to get over to catch up with you too! Just not enough hours in a day for sure. Hope you're doing well!

      Have a nice weekend!



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