Monday, December 10, 2012

Sweet Angelic Angel Wings ~ My Newest Creation

Angel Sweet Angel Wings
I just finished my newest creation.......Angel wings made out of organdy ribbon strips....
I love how she looks hanging on my Christmas tree! 
So fluffy and romantic...perfect for the shabby chic style!  
A wonderful gift idea for any reason! Gorgeous as a display for your smaller dress forms.
Hang on a chair, ladder, bed post, door, or hang on a peg on a shelf,
and so many other uses you might come up with....
And, the perfect dreamy Christmas decoration for your tree too!
You will love them, I promise!
This little girl was 70 yards of organdy ribbon cut into strips and glued on the wing base.
I found these fluffy feather pom pom like thingys and they were just the perfect touch for sweetness.
I edged them in some lovely  braided gimp and......A little bling ....... and Perfect!!!!
I love how the light reflects behind them on the tree! I love them!
Pretty sparkely bling! I love sparkely!
I love how the lights reflect on the organdy!
Perfect for Christmas or any time of the year!
I was amazed at how the pictures came out....was so hard just picking a few!
So soft and fluffy!
I love the all white....but I'm seeing them in pink next! (winky!)   :)
White as snow and reminds me of heaven!

The whole set of wings is edged in this pretty gimp trim. 


Don't you just love it when you go through your stash of forever stuff....
and have a wala moment and find something that just says,
"This is what I was meant to be for all along!" is just
the perfect piece for this one special creation!

The wing base is cardboard....I painted the cardboard all white
before I started glueing the strips of organdy....
this shows the backside as it is now, but....
.I am covering it with a lovely white cotton linen to give it a polish finish.
You can see the braided gimp trim here also all along the wings edges.
They really are stunning! Even if I do say so myself hehe!
The wing base (the cardboard) measures 10"W x 8"L. The finished wings measure approximately 13"W x 12 1/2"L. From start to finish, it was about 5 hours....but gosh I am loving making these!
And I am so not a person that enjoys something that takes so long to make either lol!
In celebration of Cameo Cottage Designs FINALLY
Getting off the Ground.............
I'm going to do a Giveaway for a pair of these WINGS!
I'll do a post right shortly sharing how you could win!
If your interested in making your own, follow
this tutorial here:
Merry Christmas!!!
TaTa for Now!
Love and Hugs!


  1. Just stunning gorgeous and I woould LOVE to win this pair of Angel wings!!! XO-Valery Schweitzer

    1. Thank you so much Valery! I appreciate your compliment very much. Wishing you much luck in the giveaway! I am so surprised at the response to these. So many people have responded to these!...... especially in a smaller ornament size, so I'm working on some smaller ones too. I can't help but say I love them myself lol....they are just so angelic looking! Thank you so much for visiting and welcome to Cameo Cottage! I hope you will continue following along and it's so nice to meet you! :)

      Good Luck Again!

  2. Do you sell them?? I would love to have several for our tree....

    1. Yes I am going to be selling them....I will be having my new website going live in a few days I hope lol, but I can sell them before all that happens too. I've gotten some orders from my Facebook page and I just invoice them through PayPal. I have gotten requests for some smaller ones, more of an tree ornament size so working on that right now too, plus some other sizes. I'm so surprised how many people like them! I would love to make some for you! I would just need to know if you want the same size of this one which is the wing base itself is 10"W x 8"L. The finished wings measure approximately 13"W x 12 1/2"L. or smaller and how many you would want. If you would like to contact me about them, you can call me at 352-735-8422. My email for Cameo Cottage will go live when the website does, my main email is down at the moment because of the tecky issues that my husband is working on, but he has set me up on gmail....which is Either way is fine. It takes a few hours to make just one, so I hope I could get these done so you could have them for this Christmas. Just let me know, because I would need to get on them right away lol. Well I just now had to go draw out the smaller size which will be more ornament size hehe....the wing base is 7"W x 6"L. Don't know yet the finished size cause I have to put all the organdy on them! Give me a call....we can talk lol! Ok gotta run, hubby has to go to therapy!

      TaTa Till Later
      Thanks again for your interest!

    2. I might even go smaller on the ornament size lol....I'll work with it when we get back! :)


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