Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Face of Christmas ~ It's Called "The Gift of Family"

With Christ being the number ONE Reason for the Season......
Christmas is Family to me.....and THESE are my GREATEST GIFTS OF ALL!!!!
THESE are the FACES that give me so much JOY & that I LOVE so Much!
All I EVER want for Christmas is THEM! Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without them!

I'm so blessed to have this guy in my life.....he's my soul-mate!

Ms. Heidi is my first born.....Don't know what I would do without her! Love her gobs!

These two here announced they are getting MARRIED this next summer!!!!
Fabulous NEWS!!! We are so excited for them! We really like Charlie!
A little bit of some bummer news came with it though...
They will be moving to Germany for a couple of years as Charlie is in the military!
Well, at least it's not permanent!!!....but we will miss them.
Hmmm....maybe there is a trip to Germany in this lol! That was one place Jack and I
was planning on going to besides a Mediterranean Cruise for our honeymoon! We had to cancel
that because of his stroke. But one of these days we will do it!!
A big Congrats to you two! We are really happy for you both!

Chase is my daughter Heidi's oldest child, and my first born grandchild. Love him to pieces!

We welcome all friends in this house! :)

And these guys are something else altogether lol!
The three littler ones give a whole new meaning to wild and crazy!
The sweetest little soul.....this is grandma's bookworm and sport freak!!
He's gonna be somebody big one day!

Just a sweetheart when he isn't breaking everything in sight lol!

Emma....All girly girl with a pinch of tom-boy!

 Jack with Niki as Charlie and Niki were leaving to go back to Colorado.

There are three little faces missing that none of us get to see, but we want them to know...
We all hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
We Love and Miss You, Always and Forever,
And pray everyday for you!
Sending hugs and kisses and much love to Taylor, Lil Ryan, and Blaze!
May God Bless and Keep You!

We had a wonderful Christmas day!

Thanks for visiting today!
Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas too!!!! :)
TaTa Till Later!
God Bless!
Hugs & Stuff!


  1. A beautiful family you have :) Best wishes for 2013!

    1. Thank you Sandy! I think so too! :) Wishing you a Blessed and Happy New Years too! Thank you for the visit!


  2. Beautiful family Debi! It's so nice to "meet" the faces behind some of your posts! Those little ones are adorable and I bet they keep Chase on his toes! Your daughter is beautiful - just like you! Everyone looks so happy and dear! I'm glad y'all had a nice Christmas together!

    Best Wishes to all for the wonderfully Happy New Year with much joy, laughter and love throughout 2013! Thank you for all of your friendship and sweetness! I so appreciate it! Love ya! Leena <3

    1. Thank you Leena.....I do love them all so much! Thank you for the compliment on my daughter and me. You're so nice.

      I love being your friend and love having you as mine too! I hope 2013 brings your family love and joy and living in Florida.....Mt. Dora preferably!!! hehe!

      Love you girl!

      Thanks for your visit and your comments.....they make my days smile!

      Debi XO


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