Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rainy Days And Mondays

Always Get Me Down........

Funny but it seems I always end up here with you...
and my camera. Do you remember that old song by
the Carpenters....that's a way back in the day song!
Well that has been playing in my head all day....it's Monday
rainy, and a blues kinda day. Rained all day yesterday too!
And here it is Tuesday now as I write this post....and yep it's
raining again! I wonder if I would start singing "You Are My
Sunshine, My Only Sunshine", this rain would go away!

I was itching to get the camera out today and head out to
the country to see if anything would grab me for photo's
but, here came the rain. Dag nab it anyway!

I was making breakfast of just fruit and I thought....
hmmm, lets shoot fruit! The lighting wasn't the greatest
but I pulled a chair up to the breakfast nook window,
got two large pieces of canvas board....put one on the
back of the chair and one on the seat. Then I gathered
my breakfast fruit, an ironstone pitcher with greenery
that was on the breakfast table, a pretty cup and saucer,
and a white stoneware bowl to play pretty! Next the
camera and set out to try to catch some pretty. As the
clouds moved over above, the lighting change quickly,
so I just clicked away on the camera to see what I
could get. At times the lighting wasn't bad, and other
times the shadows of lighting looked kinda of cool.
I'm no pro by any means, but I love trying to learn and play!

The next fun part for me is editing the photo's.
I love playing with different features in the photo
editor. The photo above is a feature called "Posterize."
It's a really cool feature to use on some photos. It
gives the photo a poster look allowing you to work
with the brightness values and,
the amount of color you want to depict....
sometimes I end up with some pretty good photos to
use for wall art work. That's always fun!
I found these overlays of water and thought
they were kinda of neat. Played right into this rainy
day perfectly! The first one below is an overlay of
rain, but I turned it sideways....kinda cool looking!

Rain coming straight down....I thought this would be
what this vignette would look from the outside looking
in. Wish there were more features to this.....I would
have liked to add some rain drips too. I do really like
it though....another kinda "that's sorta cool" look!
This was another water feature I played with. This
one was like water rippling like if you were to
throw a rock in the water. As I was moving it around
I loved how the blue of the water hit on the cup and
saucer. The rippling wave motion spreading itself
across the iron stone pitcher that was blurred out
with using my macro lens looked so cool!
Love shooting pictures with the macro lens!
I love trying to capturing the close up detail of
my focus point in photos. I'm a close-up shot kinda
of photo girl. I love to try to capture exactly what
I see. Sometimes I get some great shots!
Now I am going to go finish my breakfast! These oranges
are so juicy and sweet!
The rest of the rainy day Monday I spent lost in playing
with my photo's......one of my favorite things to do. So
not a bad day after all! Now I got that silly song going
on in my head, "You Are My Sunshine!" Hope it works
to drive this rain away to bring me back my sunny days!
Thanks for spending your time with me....makes a
gloomy day so much more fun don't ya think!
Have a Blessed day...... and may Your day
be filled with sunshine!
TaTa Till Later!

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