Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!!

Had a fun day with three of our grandchildren at
the "Freedom On The Waterfront"
in Mount Dora down at the lighthouse.
We battled the rain on and off for four hours
before they finally got a break to start the
fireworks. While we waited I took the little
one's to all the events for the kiddies, the park
across the street, fed the ducks and birds, ate,
and played. Poor Jack my hubby, sat at our
table under an awning thank goodness to
keep our perfect view of the fireworks. Bless
his heart! It's hard to get him around in a
wheel chair in the crowds anyway.
I think the kids loved the face painting most of all
and the tatoos!
Blaze worried his dragon face will run with the rain
coming down again......grrrrr!

Blaze with his dragon face....roaring away!

Lil Ryan and Parker (my son's son and my daughters
son) with their faces painted in I'm not sure what.....
but they thought it was way cool!

Parker showing it off!

Lil Ryan showing his off.....dispite the look on his
face, he really did have fun!

This is what we battled all afternoon and evening!
Like a ninny I didn't take any of the fire works going
off, but here are a couple from the Orlando Sentinal
near us. Ours were beautiful too that were shot off
out in the lake from a barge. And the ones going off at
the end of the lighthouse at the same time were awsome!
They did like a grand finale through the whole show!
God Bless Our America!
Hope you're having a glorious weekend!
It started out sunny and hot hot, and now
it's pouring out again!
TaTa Till Later!

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