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For The Love Of Twine

Are you a crafter, gardener, or a jack-of-all-trades kind of lady? If you are any of these then I am positive you know and have used twine before! If not, then I am going to share some surprising ways one can use twine! Twine has a plethora of ways to use and incorporate into I swear almost anything! I have used it in so many ways and projects my list is too long to list! One of the things I love about twine especially when used in my many craft projects, is the feel of a nautical beachy, or rustic look it gives. I like that a lot!
Recently I found this website through a friend of mine called Hometalk. Have you heard of it!? Well if you haven't you need to visit! It's an amazing site! I have been spending alot of time there when I'm not crafting.
At Hometalk, you set up an account, and then you can scroll through hours of projects for home and garden, and diy tutorials, and clip them to boards you create for future reference. Plus you can make comments on the things you like, pin them to Pinterest, Facebook, Tweet It, Google+ it, or email it to a friend. And....the best part....you can post your projects just like if you were blogging too!
In fact, I was so honored that my very first post, My Ballard Design Demijohn Knock Off Bottles Only Better With Bling! was featured right off! And they went viral! Every where, Pinterest, Facebook, and on other blogs and web pages! I was shocked!  And then, one of the gals at Hometalk visited my blog and fell in love with my twine wrapped bottles I made for my mom along with another twine wrapped bottle I did. I was asked to post those on Hometalk because they wanted to do a feature on those also! Now how lucky can one girl get in one day!
Plus when you post a share, you can add several pictures, of your project, and link it to your blog or website for more info if you want. Or just blog it all right there if you don't have a blog or website! How cool is that! And one more thing, if you have questions about anything, just ask! There is a group of professionals there to help and guide you along with everyone else on Hometalk that is a member if they have information to share on your question! It's great!
Hometalk has an audience of over 700,000 followers!
I was asked to curate at board for them on twine! Now that was really exciting and scarey all at the same time! I have never done that before....didn't even know what it was! But once it was explained to me, I was on it! It was suppose to be 10 to 15 projects using twine. Well I found over fifty I liked lol! I weeded and weeded, found some more, weeded again and got it down to 27.
I was aiming to try to show just how useful twine is, and how many ways twine can be used along with how may types of twine there is! From just a little touch of it, or a whole project, twine can change the look of anything for that just right finish! With the ones I choose, which was tough to decide with so many I wanted to share, you will also I'm sure be inspired by all the projects themselves that the twine was used in. I was for sure! Twine is a commodity no one should be without!
Click this link to see all 27 projects and get inspired yourself!
Some of my favorites were:
Let's start with some of my favorite Christmas twine
uses seeing as the holidays are just around the corner!
Don't you just love this display from House On The Way! This whole display is simply stunning! Those little cone twine wrapped Christmas trees just top it off giving this prettiness a touch of the rustic outdoor look of nature. See those gorgeous white balls!? You can also wrap balls in twine and add a sprig of holly and red berries too!
And look at this adorable cookie cutter wreath from Serendipity Refined! Here just that little touch of waxed twine to tie the cookie cutters on with just gives it a sweet finish too. Love this idea! Oh and those sweet mason jar candle holders ..... twine was used there wrapped around the top a few times holding a sprig of pine and holly berries in place. Very pretty!
This idea from Chirping With Charm is a great use of twine and a darling repurpose! Mason jar lids wrapped in twine for the sweetest ornaments! Just add some pretty holiday trimmings perfect for your tree!
One thing I love to use twine for is gift wrapping gifts. You can wrap paper wrapped gift boxes with it, or do like Andrea at Personally Andrea did here with this sweet way to wrap this candle gift! Here she used the twine for attaching the tag slipping it through a button and tying it in a bow. Special touches like this are such a thoughtful way to present your gifts. Twine is good!
Do you love to make banners!? Well the perfect item to hang your pretty banners on is twine! And if your banners are made with burlap...even better! Twine and burlap are like pea's in a pod together! Twine is pretty strong and can hold a good amount of weight too! Although banners weight very little....but isn't this great! Plus, the twine doesn't over ride your pretty creativeness. See how Ann at On Sutton Place did this. Just lovely isn't it....oh and wait till you see what she did on the backside of the banner! Ideas, Ideas, Ideas! Get your twine ready!
Now lets wander away from the holidays! Take a look at this genious use of twine and a fab repurpose/recycle for your garden!
A bicycle wheel trellis! How cool is that!
See more that Stephanie shares from her Garden Therapy on this unique idea and use of twine! It's great for the garden. Oh and I saw somewhere that if you take twine and do a knotted netting fence...you know...like a fishermans net, it helps to keep out small critters who love your garden more than you do!
And this framed artwork is adorable from Maryanne at Domestically Speaking!
Just that touch of bakers twine along the edge gave this sweet burlap heart more meaning! I see "Love and Kisses!" The bakers twine gives the artwork some pop and frames the heart as well. Love this idea! I'm thinking Mother's Day, a birthday, and of course Valentine's Day! Maybe even a rustic wedding prop with initials and an arrow added!
And this is just one last of my favorites! I had so many but just click the link under the "For The Love Of Twine" banner above and find more uses for twine!
Isn't this a cool use for twine! And what an idea! This really appealed to me because I am trying to grow my own herbs. So if I'm successful, now I can take this idea for drying my herbs! And of course I have a ton of twine!!!
Want to see more unique uses for twine!? Check out my "For The Love Of Twine Board"  and get inspired....to use twine!
Thanks Hometalk for the opportunity to create this fun board! I love twine!
Hope you all enjoyed the board and find some things that you just have to try using twine! If you have more ideas, share them at Hometalk! Everybody is looking for new ideas! If you haven't been to Hometalk....get there today!
Have a lovely day!
TaTa For Now!
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