Monday, April 25, 2016

Lemon Love and Fresh Berries! ~ Your Taste Buds Will Kiss You!

Pavlova ~ (pav-LOH-vuh)

Looks so yummy but what the heck is it!?

Pavlova is a thick cloud-like meringue with a
delightful crunchy exterior and a soft, slightly
chewy marshmallow like interior that's topped
with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

There's a debate about where it originated,
(Australia and New Zealand both lay claim
to it), but what is known for sure is that its
named after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova
who's said to have danced as if lighter than air.

That is what it says in my Better Homes and
Garden Magazine....but, preparation time can
be upwards of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours to make! Says it's
easy to make, but the time, geesh!

My mouth was watering just looking at the picture
and I wanted something right now! 

This lemon berry pavlovas is topped with lemon curd,
blueberries, (which here where I live is picking
time for these babies), blackberries, and fresh mint.
This one is the one that got my taste buds dancing!

This is Strawberry, Mango, and Rose Pavlova with
edible rose petals! Looks yummy too!


There was another that I don't have a photo of where
the pavlova was topped with lemon curd, ultra-thin
slices of Key limes, Meyer lemons,  clementines, and a
scattering of fresh basil leaves. This was called,
Citrus-Basil Pavlova!

It looks divine also!

You can find the how to's in the May 2016 Issue of
Better Homes and Gardens or click this link to
on the BHG website. Click this link for the

Now, I love lemony stuff and that lemon berry wouldn't
leave my mind. So I sat and thought, how could I have
this right now....without the pavlova which I was thinking
was something much sweeter than what I was hungering
for and way to long to make. 

I knew right where to go to get some lemon curd as I
use raspberry curd all the time on my toast in the morning!
So flippin good! 

So a trip to The Old World Market was my
first order of business! Love that place!

If you don't live near one here is the link to order it
online: Old World Market.

Get some raspberry curd while you're at it!

Like I said, I wanted something with those berries
and the lemon curd right now, so I needed to think
of what to put it on....hubby says, go get some fillo
shells! That was perfect! So next stop was the Publix
down the road! I picked up some blueberries as I haven't
gone pickin yet....this week we are going, yea! I also
found some really nice blackberries, and these raspberries
just starred me in the face, so I grabbed some of them too!

In the produce area they also had lots of herb plants
and lo-and-behold there was just one mint plant! In the
cart it went! I couldn't wait to get home to appease
my watering taste buds!

Light and fluffy, already baked, ...... perfect!

I got the fruit rinsed right away, snipped some mint
leaves from my new plant, chopped it up, put a
spoonful of lemon curd in six mini fillo shells, (three
for me and three for Jack), added my fruit on top,
then sprinkled some chopped mint over it, dusted
a little tiny bit of sugar over the fruit, added a dash
more lemon curd on the plate with a little more fruit
on the side, and OMGOSH! It hit that mad craving I
had perfectly! But, forget about just eating three lol!

Went back and made six more, (three for me and three
for Jack). I just couldn't believe how delish these babies
were! Soon after Jack went to bed, I still had this
hunger for more! So....I marched out in the kitchen
and this time got a bowl and scooped a bunch more
lemon curd in, top with a lot more of the fruits, more
mint, and just pigged out till my hearts content was
contented! It was like I couldn't get enough!

Look how beautiful these look!

I bet the kiddies will love these too!
Just right for those little hands!

I promise you won't be disappointed!

Going to have to go make some more....
my mouth is watering just looking at this!

Eventually I will try making the pavlovas, but for now
this is just right!

So give it a try! Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Posh on Palm in Venice Florida ~ A Special Place

Posh On Palm ~ A Special Place ~ Special People
A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I took a trip
to Venice, Fl. to see our dear friends, Susie and
Mark Holt. We hadn't seen them in over four
years, and hadn't been to their shop "Posh on
Palm" since it had re-opened back in Venice.
We had visited several times their shop in Sarasota,
and sadly they had to close that shop as the owners
of the building sold the place for a high-rise to take
it's place. So sad, as it was a historic hotel at one
time, and simply beautiful!
After a long three hour drive, battling stop and go
traffic because of a horrible rain storm, we finally
arrived to meet Susie and Mark at their luscious
Posh on Palm. Of course I took my camera's, although
a bit rusty I must say. I hadn't done any photography
in a long while, and it felt like my camera and I had
lost our oneness. Because we ended up arriving so
late in the day, I didn't have a lot of time, so I just
started snapping pictures as quickly as I could.
The shop was pretty busy when we arrived, but Mark
took me out back of the shop to show his unique garden.
I was amazed at how sweet this area was, and that
is where I started taking pictures. As I was taking
photos, a lady with a French accent came out there
and she said it reminded her of the garden shops
in Paris. And that was exactly the feel I got from
that sweet space too.
There was this gorgeous water fountain in the middle
of the space that hooked me right off! A path led around
the fountain, where displays of plants, furniture, and
unique displays could be seen all around. A chandelier
hung over the fountain, a table against the outside wall
of the shop, which Mark said he sets out editable treats
and tea's on most days. A huge chalkboard hung above
the table. It truly was a beautiful space and had I more
time, I would have spent more time there discovering every
nook and cranny. I am a garden girl so of course I was
in my element there.
So this was my starting point and then I moved on inside.
(To see more detail on any photo, right click and open in
a new window, then click on photo to enlarge it.)
If any of you know Mark and Susie, you know they are
two very talented individuals. They are such a great team
not only in business, but also in their personal life. It shows
in everything they are and do. To know them is to love them! 
I was totally fascinated with this water fountain. I
love trying to capture the falling water.
My favorite piece in this garden besides that fountain
was that cabinet you see in the back. Wished I could have
gotten a better photo of it, and had I had a place for it here
at home, I would have snagged it up! It was beautiful.
Now we step inside! I had lots of photo's, although some
didn't come out so well. Took me longer than normal
to get these ready, as hubby and I got hit with a nasty flu,
now fighting some horrid colds that came on the heals of
that, and I have done nothing but sleep for days! We
both have just been drained of any energy! This is what
I have to share with enjoy!

This baby is a beauty!

I loved this saying....looks blurry I know, but it is
how it is printed....I think anyway lol!
You have me at bling! These metal drawer pulls with old
pieces of rhinestone jewels caught my eye right off!
Love them!
Cutest old hangers with added clips for your
special photos!
I have a love of vintage door knobs too!
If you're looking for coastal cottage décor, you've
come to the right place....lots of pretties here!
This old bust has been given a coastal facelift too!
One of these sweeties came home with me....
they carry a beautiful clothing line!

Susie's signature ruffled linen and lace chair covers!
And, look at that seashell mirror and chandelier!
Great table....handmade candles and goats
milk soaps, and lots more goodies!
A vintage window covered in greenery serves
as a canopy over this bed displayed with Posh's
signature ruffled linen and lace romantic bedding!
Too die for beautiful!
Susie created this unique light cover!


Gorgeous chandy!

More beautiful bedding!
Two of the most adorable night stands with
marble tops and each has a mirror pedestal..
these are too sweet!
Pretty framed art
Their popular goats milk soaps! 
Love the caps....bits of lace and bling!
Unique desk embellished with seashells and love the bench!
Another gorgeous coastal cottage mirror!
Below is an up close of the tops center!
Another awesome seashell chandelier!
Gorgeous and unique romantic clothing....
Loved the love you more chain...hubby and I have
said that to each other since we met.
Well that is it this trip! After Mark and Susie closed
up shop, they treated us to dinner at a lovely Mexican
place. We had a great time, and the food was excellent!
A beautiful few hours with good people in beautiful Venice!
So, are you ready to shop!? Me too!
And, there is a ton more to see!
Mark and Susie would love to see you!
327 W. Venice Ave., Venice, FL. 34285