Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Vintage Soul Photo from the Fancy Flea

A photo I took at Vintage Soul Store's booth at
the Fancy Flea this last Saturday
Was just playing around trying to wake myself
up and I thought this was so cool looking!
I love playing with pictures and my photo editor.
Now I'm going back to work or maybe to sleep for awhile...
my eyes are crossing!
Maybe this really doesn't look so cool....
my eyes are so tired after working again
all day and all night on photos, so I may be seeing things
way different than anybody else lol!  But, if it looks
like how I see it....I love it! Oh well!
This was the original picture with a little adjusting to
it. I forgot to put my sunblocker dealy on the lense so
I had to play with this one too, because of how the sun
was hitting my how Debbie displays her
stuff....her booth is always just to die for!
I have some great stuff coming up.....
you all will be on picture overload!
But I'm sure having fun!


  1. It is as pretty as you thought, Debi! It's got a very dreamy quality about it.

    1. Hi Kathy!! Thank you! It does look dreamy....good word for it. :) It was fun playing with this picture...Debbie always sets her stuff up so nice. So nice to see you again! Thank you for the visit and comment.


  2. I love that vintage dress and the lampshade is awesome! Great picture!

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you! It is a gorgeous dress....and I loved that little lampshade was just adorable! So nice to see you and thank you for the visit and the comment.


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Sandy! Nice to see you and thank you for the comment!


  4. HI Debi! The subject matter is gorgeous to begin with but that special effect you used is incredible! It gives it a whole vintage look, so soft and beautiful! Love it! Don't worry - I never go on picture overload. I like to look at everything! Get a little sleep though, ok? Hugs, Leena

  5. Hi Leena! Thank you.....I wish I knew what features I had used to make it look like this lol! I'm so bad at tracking what I do! I did think it was really cool looking and then after some sleep, I still liked it hehe! Nice to see you again!

    Debi <3


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